Poll: Where Is The Market Headed In 2014?

2013 is coming to a close tonight, and the stock market is closing out a banner year. As of last night's close (12/30/13) The DOW will finish up about 3400 pts., the S&P500 will be up 415 pts., and the NASDAQ will finish up about 1136 pts. That's an impressive year! With that run, you have to wonder if it will continue into the new year. What do you think?

Will the stock market extend its 2013 rally into 2014?

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Take a moment to cast your vote and leave a comment with where you think the markets will end 2014.

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17 thoughts on “Poll: Where Is The Market Headed In 2014?

  1. We really need to look at transport and shipping indexes, iron ore and other metal prices to get a true picture of industry and not involve ourselves in the "noise " of the commentators.

  2. Be sure to lock in your gains by the end of January. These 50 to 75% gains since the Fall of 2011 are just too good to let go! It's been a smooth ride these past 2+ years. The market is technically due for a huge, 20% +/- pullback, probably will occur between February and May. The DOW can easily revisit 14,000 before it surges to 18,000, the S&P can revisit the 1,500s before heading well over 2,000, and the Nasdaq can fall back to the low 3,000s before roaring to the top of 5,000 set back in the year 2000. Look for 2014 to be a roller coaster ride...these parabolic moves could resemble the years 1998 and 1999 together. We saw 30% +/- gains for the year 2013. I expect the market to put in a top by October 2014 before mid-term elections with 15% +/- gains for the year. Be sure to lock in your gains again later this year. I anticipate the year 2014 to be the final year of this BEAR MARKET RALLY, because on an adjusted inflation basis the market is still well behind the highs from the year 2000. Yes...from an indices standpoint we are still in a BEAR MARKET!!!

  3. It depends on wether you value the market in nominal or real terms... since they are not the same.
    In nominal terms we arfe going much hgher, in real terms I'm not so sure.

  4. Although I feel (to a certain degree by intuition) that the stock market will extend its rally in 2014 ,there is a number of unknowns and potential threats that can "spoil the game" e.g. a great uncertainty whether the euro zone will start tackling efficiently its key problems-the banking union and very vulnerable banking sector,imbalances between the periphery and the core ect....If the euro zone shows a political willingness to deal with the issues efficiently, it will encourage corporate sector to invest and Europeans to consume much more. I hope we´ll see Germany take a lead.....
    And let´s hope that the FED will succeed in "engineering" a smooth transition of the US economy to a post QE era which is also of a key importance for "the behaviour" of the stock market.

  5. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BREHIND THE CURTAIN! It is only good ole’ Ben, soon to be replaced by good ole’ Yellen.. The REAL GDP (calculated based on actual inflation, not the bogus FED numbers) has been DECREASING since 2011.
    [S&P vs. GDP Chart in: Jay Taylor, -+++++Some Reasons to Anticipate the Next Stock Market Implosion]
    Meanwhile, ALL the stock indeces have been going “through the roof”. By today, the end of 2013, a huge gap exists between the ideces and the GDP! How is that possible? Stock prices USED to be based on economic performance. Well obviously, THE FED PUMP. So, as long as The Fed can keep the punch bowl full and the liquor flowing, The Great Wall Street Casino gamblers will continue to run up this bogus, “fantastic” Bull Market.

  6. The fact that the greatest percentage of responders think it will go up is a fair indication that it won't.

    1. Only if you pay them. It's about time people stopped expecting folks to work for free. I'm quite sure you don't, so why should INO or anyone else? Hint: M2VOC.... A second hint.... Bank Reserves at the 'fed'...

      1. Best to be prepared. I’m sure Adam will be confronted with this question during his media events in early 2014. I have seen many free forecasts already in a wide variety of newsletters.
        Mine is free too. More of the same as in the latter part of 2013, unless there is a black swan event.

  7. The economy is a train wreck. No employment and bad data is keeping the market alive.

    It goes down after the shooting war with China starts, Iran gets the bomb, and the Mid-East blows up. Also, factor in ObamaCare, the Repubs taking over in 2014, terrorist activity in Russia ruining the Olympics, and an ineffective FED.

    Meanwhile, party likes there is no tomorrow until Feb-March-April.

  8. I could logically say yes to all 3 options.
    There is sufficient momentum and unstressed valuations to carry the rally into 2014.
    True it must come to an end - or at least a decent pause - sometime
    But who can deny that we really don't know when and that we have to wait and see!
    I am optimistic at least for the firsy Quarter of 2014.

  9. one more time of mass optimism, Stocks, Precious metals, commodities, people wants rise rise and rise only in every thing and for every time.

    We may found some up swings or bull face at list for some more time, and most probably, that will be just for some period of first quarter, and afterwards, count-down will begin to find many unpredictably surprising as well shocking movements in entire financial sectors, and across the various markets.

    Finally, only one line to say, "Enough, even more then enough, none economy of the whole world is in a position to adjust or sustain anymore either financial or monitory jugglery ".

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