Poll: Would You Want Your Packages Delivered By Drones?

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) announced Sunday on CBS' "60 Minutes" that they are working on a way to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less by using self-guided drones.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) says it's working on the so-called Prime Air unmanned aircraft project in its research and development labs. But the company admits it will take years to advance the technology and for the Federal Aviation Administration to create the necessary rules and regulations ad that leads up to our poll today...

Would You Want Your Packages Delivered By Drones?

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20 thoughts on “Poll: Would You Want Your Packages Delivered By Drones?

  1. A 90-year-old World War II veteran en route to a ceremony marking the 72nd anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor was booted from his flight to accommodate the weight of additional jet fuel needed for the trip.

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  2. Greeting my fellow traders!

    My first thought watching the interview with Jeff Bezos was.... What is he really after here?? What is his -real- agenda???What would be the -real- purpose of those drones? Just like google running their 360 degree camera vehicles up and down our streets to show the world where I live, my vehicles in my driveway, and the fact I am slow to recover my trash containers from the road.. Yeah... So you have a friend or foe, or a business partner or competitor, and what's the first thing they do??? Can anybody tell me??? Go to a half dozen websites and -see my home- and exactly -where I live with my family.- How successful or lack thereof am I? Pretty much a quick look at the home, value, and neighborhood will tell you all that. Must be fairly easy being a detective these days. Just hunker down with a computer, and a cup of coffee! That's all you need.

    So... again I ask....what is Jeff Bazos's purpose with all this drone talk??? To fly around my home, and see who and what I am? Do I have a nice quality grill, or maybe I really need a new one, and -but don't even know it YET !!!?? Oh... you have a boat behind the house, oh... we sell millions of products for boats!! Yes indeed, a jackpot! And where do you buy boat parts, cleaners and waxes??? Huh??? Come on.... AMAZON!!!

    I bought an amplifier for my outdoor deck speakers the other day. Direct from the -manufacturer- in California. Has to be the best price right? After all... no middleman! Wrong. I'm normally very good at first checking both Amazon and Ebay before -any purchase-. But I didn't because of this being the manufacturer. Well that night, I wanted to read up on my new amplifier, so the googled the name. Bingo! Amazon comes up! For almost a hundred dollars less, the exact same brand new, sealed unit. I called the company immediately in anger. Their answer... "Oh..we're so sorry, but AMAZON sells things "way too low." "They should not be selling -our- amp for that". I said: "Great, now just me a refund for the difference." "We would love to, but we can't. "THE PRICE IS TOO LOW." "WE CAN'T SELL IT FOR THAT PRICE." Please send ours back for a refund and buy it on Amazon." I still wanted to buy from them, and was hoping they could at least split the difference. No Sir.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Can you believe that??? And so I did return the factory unit and purchased it from Amazon. And quickly a beautiful new factory sealed box, exact same model number, arrived from Amazon. And it works perfectly. Moral of the story... WHAT IS BAZOS UP TO AGAIN???? Being stock traders here, I'm sure most of you know that Amazon makes hardly a cent on millions of items sold. The numbers are staggering. Hundreds of boxes/sales going out PER SECOND. Virtually giving everything away.

    Isn't it great!!! But wait... WHAT IS JEFF BAZOS UP TO??? I'm old enough to remember every city block having it own little "Mom & Pop" grocery store. And a butcher, and a "Five & Dime" and if you were lucky, maybe even a bakery. All within walking distance. Not any more... ALL GONE FOREVER. Why?? You all know... because we could save several dollars at the SUPERMARKET. AND ALL THE NICE LITTLE STORES CLOSED. ONE BY ONE, NEVER TO RETURN. And all these little stores gave jobs to people in -your- neighborhood. But now the time and gas is more than those few dollars we saved! Ooops.

    Are we doing that again with AMAZON and the likes of Amazon? DRIVING ALL THE... AS THEY SAY "BRICK AND MORTER" STORES OUT OF BUSINESS??? You might be saying right now.... "Hey Old Man... That's called progress." But is it? DO YOU TRULY REALIZE WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN ALL THE ---COMPETITION IS GONE---!!!

    Here is what I fear... "We're destroying our society in this country, one level at a time. Slowly but surely... we will allow ourselves to be run by a few corporate giants. Our very lives.

    Let's back up even before the "Mom & Pop" grocery stores. We had a big prominent department store where I grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, called H.C. Prange Co. Their humble beginning were the original Mr. Prange taking his horse and wagon out around the County to visit the farmers to buy and barter for his store. He would buy the farmers fruits and vegetable to sell in his "downtown" market. Which by the way grew into a huge 4 story department store. But Mr. Prange had a secret. He would pay the farmer five cents a pound for carrots, but issued them a "credit voucher" for his store that if redeemed there was worth SIX cents a pound. The farmer could still get his cash, but it was five cents a pound, not six. And his business grew and grew.


    The reason the whole BAZOS STORY SOUND SO IMPLAUSIBLE TO ME IS THAT HE NEVER, EVER MENTIONED SOME REALISTIC IDEAS THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK... Bazos showed it as the drone just "dropping off" the package in your lawn. Had he said... "Here is my plan... We will install at no charge for our regular customers a DEDICATED DELIVERY BOX sitting alongside your mailbox, where the drone could land on, and "home in on" and then electronically trigger the the locked lid to pivot open on hinges in the middle to allow the drone to drop in its delivery. The spring loaded and waterproof lid would then spring shut again, sealing your package inside safely and out of the weather and thieves!

    Not don't tell me, Bazos and team didn't think of this. I thought this all up right now on the fly. Ooops... no pun intended! (; Just all "food for thought." Your comments are welcome. Thank you.

    Wishing you All the Compliments of the Season!
    Steve in Sebastian

  3. Sounds like the US has no other issues/problems to deal with.
    The quick answer to that kind of poll would be absolutely yes. I am a big fan of hi tech stuff and science fiction. However, i have a dream that follows me not only in my sleep but also in my day time routine. That is, no child in this world feel hungry again. I would not hesitate one glimpce of an eye to change this science progress with the making of my dream come true.

  4. There are lots of "packages" that can be delivered by drones, just ask the families of those who have been murdered by them in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc, etc.

    And yes, we will likely see these types of packages being delivered here in the former American Republic. They can be delivered in many ways, by drones the size of hummingbirds, with facial recognition software. Coming soon to your neighborhood?

  5. I am bewildered that the responses are of whether or not the new service can pan out. What about thinking every piece of spyware they develop is greeted with a, "cool". Have you not seen their incremental approach to bringing in things that are acceptable today that didn't pass the test of common sense before? This drone stuff is an incremental psychological operation to get us used to the new tyranny that has been constructed around us. Welcome to the New World Order, welcome to your new Fema Camp and I say, "no, hell no!!"

  6. i suspect they are talking about large planes without pilots going from point to point, as in airport terminals. otherwise things could get plenty pesky with little planes dropping out of the sky, and think of the cost of lost baby planes.

  7. We can go to Mars , the Moon fly none stop to Afaghanastan and wipe out 26 targets and come home with no deaths , ECT . And , people think this is impossible .poppycock. I was in business and owned my own Co . for 37 years. Lived trough 5 generational changes in technology . It was challenging, tough at times , but it was doable,and I made it happen ! Now , let's look at our USA Government. The U S is Bankrupt , the
    Post Office is Bankrut , the city off Detroit is Bankrupt ! Add to this the fact that middle America has been gutted. Sounds gory , it is ! Drop off a parcel in your Driveway , instead a a mailbox , VERY DOABLE ! Gar.

  8. It will never happen, How could it deliver to apartments, P.O. Boxes, and do you want your package left on your front lawn? And if so, how long are you willing for it to sit there unattended til you get home and notice it.

    And as far as Amazon, Think of the losses when thousands of these drones converge at the main shipping plant at the same time and crash into each other, I think shipping costs would rise dramatically

  9. I wonder how much these drones will be selling on ebay because I can guarantee if they fly into my neighbourhood they wont be flying back out that`s for sure.

  10. I live in a semi-rural area on 5 acres and I have plenty of room for it to land without interfering with anyone else. In my situation I think it would be O.K. However I would not pay more to use the drone. Time is not an issue for me.

  11. Having a bunch of drones flying around my neighborhood is an air pollution I can do without! Beyond the aesthetics, they could be dangerous. They could certainly invite robbers to identify where the goods are going and attempt to pick them up before the owners can. (Can they be hacked and sent to different location than intended?) And what if young children playing in the neighborhood decide to "investigate' them and get injured by the props? Or what if a dog or cat wants to play with them and gets injured? I think a big winner of this technology may well be the lawyers!

  12. No absolutely not! If amazon can do it then other companies will follow and the skies will be full of drones. I would rather have clear skies than my package delivered a day or two earlier. Can't imagine there is anything I need that quickly.

  13. I live in a community that shares air space with one of the largest Air Force bases in the world and have dealt with fighter jets falling into our streets for years. You think we are worried about these tinky things? Love the idea!

  14. If a drone could get my package to me for the same price as the USPS charges, then I'd go for it. But I don't think that is ever going to happen any time soon. Currently it cost more to fly stuff, than it does to transport it over ground, and I don't think that is going to change.

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