Crude Oil, Iraq and The Economy – Are We On A Collision Course?

Hello traders everywhere! Adam Hewison here, discussing the situation in Iraq and how it could possibly affect the US and world economy.

After spending over $1 trillion and having lost the lives of over 4,500 brave Americans in Iraq, the country has once again imploded. I don't have to reiterate what is going on with Muslim extremists, but it seems they are hellbent to take over Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and the rest of the country. It would appear now, Muslim extremists feel empowered to push their views to the max.

The Middle East has always been a problem waiting to happen, ever since the British left in the 50s. Arab unity seems to be the major problem in this area and one that's been going on perhaps for centuries.

I've always believed that the west's principal interest in that region was because of the crude oil (NYMEX:CL.N14.E) under the sand. I'm positive we would not even be there if they did not have vast resources of energy that the world is addicted to. The question now is, what is going to happen if Iraq and the oil fields are taken over by Muslim extremists and Iran? Should that happen, and the odds are becoming more and more likely that it will, it will produce a world that is totally different from what we know now.

I have been positive on crude oil (NYMEX:CL.N14.E) since May 19th at the $101.98 level (currently trading at $106.98). This market has the potential to continue in a very positive manner and move substantially higher, possibly to the $120 to $125 a barrel area.

How is this going to affect the US stock market? The US stock market has been moving steadily higher since making a low in March 2009. By any standards, this is a mature bull market that is now over five years old. The market was originally driven higher by multiple QE experiments by the Fed. The Fed has begun to taper and reel in their extraordinarily ambitious, and some would say reckless, monetary policy. With no QE to support the market and with energy prices jumping dramatically, it can’t help but affect everybody in the country.

In today's video, I am going to share with you some of the early warning signs that you should be on the lookout for. They may help you decide whether you should stay or exit what is going to be a very, very interesting market in the second half of the year.

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Adam Hewison
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4 thoughts on “Crude Oil, Iraq and The Economy – Are We On A Collision Course?

  1. hello everyone. l am not an expert on world affairs but l do profess to have something that most people do not have or do not use----COMMON SENSE. the U.S. gets involved in other countries affairs because it needs the natural resources of that country. so, under the guise of either helping or protecting or liberating them, the U.S. sends in troops but after they accomplish their objective, they give control back to local officials and move out.--wrong choice of action. after sacrificing many allied lives and billions of dollars, it is all taken over again by local warlords and the innocent are back where they were before the incursions of war. not only do the people of that country suffer, but also the U.S. and any other country who stepped in to help. they have lost many lives and a huge cost in money and equipment. other parts of the world laugh at us for being so stupid as to interfere at major costs and then lose it all to some backwoods little backbiters such as Vietnamese, Cambodian, Iraqis, etc (most of whom are Muslim, Communist or whatever) that put the country back to what they were before we stepped in. if the Allies take control, keep it. if not, get out before it costs too many more lives. foreign countries do not appreciate help and we are the true losers. just cut them all off from other aid and trading. we may find it a bit rough for a while, but we will learn how to adjust and let them wipe themselves off the face of the earth. s.romanko

    1. So what resources were needed in Afghanistan. Or Panama, Grenada, Vietnam, or Bosnia. And in the long run what does it all matter when this country can't pay it's bills and the piper will have to be paid. In the meantime all of the tail chasing and prognosticating is a sideshow.

  2. The British had it right. When we help a country like Iraq we should colonize them for 100 years. They are not going to experience democracy until they are made to live it, and experience it.! I think we have to be their until at least 2 generations have been through the democratic process.

  3. Thought you promised the Ukraine would be everyone's undoing? And before that, Cyprus, Italy, 2008, and more. Eventually one will stick, right?

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