Poll: Will You Buy Solar Stocks?

Shares of SolarCity Corp. (NASDAQ:SCTY) jumped almost 18% yesterday on news that they would be acquiring solar module start-up Silevo for $200 million with another $150 million potential in earn-outs. This acquisition will be the company's first move into the solar panel manufacturing side of the business.

That leads me to the poll question today.....

Will you buy solar stocks?

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Will You Buy Solar Stocks?

  1. Solar is limited in it cost effectiveness right now.

    If said company is smart enough to focus on investing in marketing in south western states, here in the U.S. market, were they can get the biggest bang for there buck, due to days of sun exposure, then yes if the business model works.

    Like any business the NUMBERS have to work first and you need to include ALL costs when figure this out.

    Think critically with all the reliable info you can get. This should go with out saying.

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