How To Trade Like A Billionaire

Wouldn't it be nice if you could look over the shoulder of a billionaire to see exactly what they are doing to make the kind of profits they make?

Well, now you can.

It’s no secret we've had some fantastic moves in 2014. The question is, are they going to continue? The short answer is, some will and some won't. Today I want to share with how five well-known billionaires traded in one particular stock. I am going to put our Trade Triangles to the ultimate test to see how they performed against these billionaire traders.

The five billionaires are Jorge Lemann, Leon Cooperman, Ray Dalio, Daniel Loeb and David Einhorn. We know, thanks to SEC filings, that these five super traders hold positions in the stock of Andarko Petroleum Corp. (NYSE:APC).

I am going to show you about where they entered the market and their average price. I'm also going to show you where our Trade Triangles entered and exited the market. I believe the trend has changed for APC and while these billionaires are holding on, MarketClub's Trade Triangles are signaling a sidelines position.

Based on what we are seeing it is going to be an interesting fourth quarter.

This is where our five Billionaires are positioned right now:

1. Jorge Lemann: Long, average purchase price of $98.15
2. Leon Cooperman: Long, average purchase price of $91.58
3. Ray Dalio: Long, average purchase price of $86.64
4. Daniel Loeb: Long, average purchase price of $86.31
5. David Einhorn: Long, average purchase price of $86.96

Here is how MarketClub is positioned right now:

1. MarketClub: Long entry price of $86.86 on 4/2/2014.
2. MarketClub: Trend change and sidelines or short entry price of $100.48 on 9/30/2014.

Isn't it time you put the billionaires and MarketClub's Trade Triangles on your side?

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Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

4 thoughts on “How To Trade Like A Billionaire

  1. Adam:

    It's great to look at this after the fact. The question is how and why did they all select Anadarko to begin with? I have to believe that there were other GREEN triangles on or around the days they bought APC. That becomes the real issue to us. the market itself - as seen via the VTI was in a consolidation pattern. Did they buy so much as to cause the spike in volume and price i.e. creating their own market momentum or did they see other institutions buying and jumped in right after? Did they buy before April 3 or after? If they bought after, they bought the breakout. If they bought before, what triggered them because their buying may have affected the market causing the spike in price. Just curious.


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