Our Most Important Poll Ever - We Need Your Input

I feel this is the most important poll that we have ever taken on our website. The reason I say that is that we have never faced uncertain times quite like this. Some of you are going to say, "Adam this is a political posting and not market related." I'm going to respectfully disagree with you as it has everything to do with the markets. What is affecting the minds of investors and the market has, in a large degree, everything to do with Ebola and ISIS. You only have to look at what has happened to the markets in the past two or three weeks. There is not a person I've spoken with in the past two weeks who isn’t concerned about Ebola and what's going on in this country. Forget politics, Ebola doesn’t care if you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent. Ebola has no political agenda.

Do you think the government should stop flights from West Africa?

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Do you think the government is telling the truth on Ebola?

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Do you think the response from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been adequate?

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Do you agree in sending the National Guard to Africa to build makeshift hospitals?

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Do you think the president has a grip on what’s going on?

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Your vote and comments are important, and we respect your opinion. I believe that this government has to step up and put politics aside for the greater good of the country.

Thank you for your participation,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

50 thoughts on “Our Most Important Poll Ever - We Need Your Input

  1. Regarding Obama and his competence or interest in this matter. He's a politician. He and his cronies will do whatever they deem politically expedient. Politicians operate this way all day, every day. Other interests are shoved aside.

  2. I agree with you Adam. It is an extremely critical issue and far too little is being done to prevent world wide infection, not only by the US but by most others as well. Crisis issues call for crisis reactions and we are not getting that. Politics and political correctness is supreme and it is putting people's lives at risk needlessly because of this inaction on the part of Government. Act responsibly and proportionately now or have a much bigger issue to deal with in future.

  3. Your Ukraine polls were very political as well. And Obamas reelection poll before that. Both indicating you operate from an emotional and political basis, just as most do as evidenced by the responses you get with biased politics vs. trading. The markets don't care about your political stance, nor do they care how it inevitably leads to emotional handicap. And that's a choice you make.

    1. Phil,

      I respect your opinion and thank you for your feedback. However, if you do not believe that politics affect the market then you are not paying attention to what is going on in the world. I would like to state that I am neither a Republican nor am I a Democrat and right about now I think both parties have done a pretty crappy job at best.

      If you followed us on MarketClub you would know that we use our Trade Triangles which are a very non-emotional approach. You can clearly see where our Trade Triangles kicked in alerting members to get out of the market. That was some two weeks before the crash and if you read back on this blog you will see that it is a fact.
      I've been involved with the markets for many many years as a member of several major exchanges both here in the US and in Europe. Does that make me an expert? Some people would say yes and some people would say no, it's just like the market. Some people buy and some people sell that's how prices are determined.
      Every success in the future,

      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com
      Co-Founder of MarketClub.com

  4. Retired physician here. The statements the CDC and govt have put out about Ebola and its potentials in this country are the work of fools. Restricting air travel is helpful, but not the solution in a nation that has such open borders, and people who are not concerned about others but themselves, and quarantine means to most that "I can still do what I want." In 1953 my family was quarantined because my brother came down with polio. No one in my family moved outside our yard for 2 weeks because we didn't want anyone to catch anything from us, or get hurt. Food was left in boxes for us...

  5. I agree with Augusto some..MANY KNOW IT ALLS HERE..FUNNY..Almost Everybody spreads their wisdom..What a JOKE all of this is..GOD S Got It...

  6. The Ebola virus threat is way overblown, just like bird flue, zar and so on. If the governments are really concerned they should put extra funding in the 1/2 dozen or so bio. firms working on the cure and fast track the FDA approval. Throwing fear all over the media is good for strengthening government power. Educating the contacting public to public is more productive in controlling the spread of Ebola which has been around for years. Facilities that deal with only Ebola or any other infectious disease should be in play and not hospitals that care for all types of injuries and the sick who may have a weakened immune system.

  7. It's not unique to America, but context matters. In this sense America is who it is, as not infrequently one gets reminded of this not totally incontrovertible fact-based claim. I'm referring here to the Practice by Inter-Nations of Obfuscation and Terminological Inexactitude(with apologies to Sir Winston), when this must stand in for "Diplomatese".
    -Duncan; he did die from Ebola in the US of A. He had very recently come there from West Africa.
    -Duncan; following an initial visit to the ED of a- not-ever-unheard-of-Dallas City Hospital-in-the State of Texas-in-the-US(one presumes for symptomatology of some kind), he was sent back to an apartment abode wherein were stacked an as yet not stated number of co-residents.
    Duncan: he returned to the same hospital, got admitted, and the diagnosis of Ebola from which he died is unknown to have been formulated at either the ED, in transit to an isolation unit, at/in the unit or at post mortem. The 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage of developing events to death, has been studiously fudged by that most US identifiable Media "Darling" world-wide.
    Duncan; a bit later a Nurse who attended upon said terminally-ill Ebola infected patient, sought and obtained CDC clearance for--or lack of any prohibition from-- climbing aboard a commercial aircraft for an inter-city travel, with developments still in tragic development phase(s).
    Duncan; the US of A; CDC(the whole lot); Obama, House and Senate Leaders--maybe the entire Congress come to think of it---the whole of them ought to self-appoint(I appreciate the inherent danger in this) a Tribunal, tasked with the mandate to apportion blame for(using equations that respect the principles of Probabilism), whereafter punitive steps determined by consensus without any recourse to Appeal---be taken at once.
    Parody is not a strength of this commentator. Therefore, in commenting at all in this vein, is a task I felt strongly about carrying out.

  8. Our military used to build Hospitals? To show their support maybe the members of Congress supporting this can go to West Africa with their families to cut the ribbon for these shovel ready jobs.

    1. That's a great suggestion. I think the Administration should also have a nice work trip over to Africa to set a good example of what they'd like our NG volunteers to do. Flying commercial flights back and forth as well.

  9. 17Oct14 - 11:10am CT - News Conference - Texas Gov. Rick Perry stated that "this disease was transmitted via air travel." He requests that "air travel be banned from Ebola stricken countries."

    I have created a petition for Canada but this can apply to all countries currently not undergoing an Ebola epidemic. Please take the time to sign it and send a message to all politicians. Thanks.


    'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' — Benjamin Franklin

  10. the 4th question is not about whether we should help the people of west Africa. the question is about the national guard. people join the NG with the understanding they should be kept state-side. my opinion , the NG should NOT
    be sent to Africa, or Iraq, or Vietnam, etc, they should be kept at home, to serve here at home.

    1. I completely agree with you Gerald. How about using the NG to help spread the word about prevention? Why not bring in the Red Cross and FEMA for that mission as well.

      I haven't heard a peep about prevention and safe practices to protect yourself, your family and friends.


  11. Adam, your questions are so slanted to give you the anti-Obama fodder you desire!!

    ... I'm disappointed in this twist of your energy.. "has the CDC response been adequate?" you ask.. Does Obama have a good grip on what's happening" Ebola, Europe economy, Koch brothers buying out the US elections, Supreme court allowing money to buy our government. - You are so bright, experienced, yet you fall prey to your own bias, instead of looking outside your box to try to discover what is true.

    It is sad to see you waste your talents and audience for such small results. You could be a force for good, not a captive of your own making.

    1. I think anyone could smell some bias and emotion in your post, paul! Congratulations, that makes you human.

    2. On the contrarily.
      Excellent questions.
      Obama does not do anything.
      The fact that sick people boarding flights to this country from Africa and land in a big city and kill as is real.

      But don't let this confuse you..........

    3. Paul, agreed.

      The questions and the majority answers all smell of nationalism, protectionism and the super rightwing fling. So much for globalism and "humanity is all in this together".

      1. "Globalism" is an idealistic dream... until a pandemic comes along. Reality is setting in very quickly, and we'll see how much public support stands for an open border and liberal visa policies.

      2. I respect all of your opinions however I may disagree with them. For the record I'm an independent and neither Republican nor Democrat.

        I hope this puts to rest what you consider to be a bias on my behalf. The only thing I'd like to get right all the time is the market. I think we can all agree on that.

        Thanks for contributing your views to the conversation, much appreciated.


        Adam Hewison
        President, INO.com
        Co-Founder of MarketClub.com

    4. Permit me to confess a personal bias: I have a preference for questions on the order of magnitude of the Ebola Problem, to be asked by folks recognised as being intelligent or better.
      Lacking in any bias is an impossible concept considering the Human Condition. Insofar as Politicians go, the case is shut since it will have not been open.

  12. I don't know if the market gyrations have anything to do with Isis or Ebola. Almost every time I base my trading on headlines or other's suggestions I end up losing money. The longer I have been at this the more I just want to look at the charts and nothing else.

  13. The National Guard is intended for use in National or State issues, not foreign ones, And their use in Africa increases the probability of Ebola's spreading to the USA, almost to a certainty.

  14. Quarantine is going to be the October surprise. Short airline stocks this week, today is now short cruise ship companies... what's next, shopping malls, grocery stores?

    This is out of control and quarantine is the time-tested way to deal with an outbreak of a terrible virus. There is no leadership to protect the American public. These upcoming elections will be *very* interesting.

  15. Well, the consensus on the second-to-the-last question was dismaying but hardly surprising. I guess dark-skinned lives just don't matter as much as light-skinned lives.

    1. "We have maintained the position that when even the smallest doubt remains, we will ensure the health and safety of the Belizean people" - The Belizean Gov't

      So they are racist too? They are doing their jobs to protect their country. Wake up.

      1. That's a great quote and right on the money. Send over vaccines, drugs, supplies and money, but not people. Why? Because this virus is easily transmitted. These countries have their own medical staff, army and national guard to deal with this issue.

  16. Just as someone with the Ebola virus is quarantined, so too, these countries need to be quarantined in order to contain its spread as much as possible and prevent a pandemic. Banning passengers is not the complete solution, but will certainly help control its transmission.

    Does this mean these countries are being abandoned? Not if all countries join forces and send vaccines, drugs, medical staff and financial aid to fight this plague. By helping West Africa, the world is also helping itself.

    I have created a petition for Canada but can apply to all countries currently not undergoing an Ebola epidemic. Please take the time to sign it and send a message to all politicians. Thanks.


    'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' — Benjamin Franklin

    1. Without a doubt, Ebola is driving much of what is, and will continue to be, steering many parts of economy, politics and medical changes in the treatment of diseases. What burns me most is that I have seen no post or news clip yet about the research results of treating and preventing the spread of Ebola. It is growing as did Polio, waiting in vain for the vaccine or magic substance based on new technology or medications, and like Polio, we could likely see hundreds of thousands lives lost in this humanitarian destruction. Successful Polio treatment was available as early as the mid to late 1930's, with continued research into the 1950's presenting a cure that could have saved numerous numbers of victims. Dr. Klenner's successful cures of 60 out of 60 Polio patients, documented in 1949, the proper dosage which proved to both cure and prevent the disease and subsequent paralysis and deformities. Similar studies and research indicates that a preventive process is available which may be effective for the Ebola virus. The book "Curing the Incurable" by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD details this process. These countries that now experience the rapid spread of Ebola might find significant prevention with a world wide effort to validate the efficacy of the treatment. A substance for preventive use is readily available at any big-box store. We need the voice of the many to address this need with those in our government who have the desire and power to activate a program that could possibly eradicate this world threat.
      Ray Ruoho

      1. I was just discussing the same thing with a co-worker today Ray. I haven't seen one article, news report or statement about prevention and how to protect yourself as well.

        I would hope that it would be priority #1 to inform the masses about prevention instead of creating the fear that they have. Clearly it is not.


        1. Self protection/prevention is where the hang-up has hit the blocks. Previous research with animals has worked without doubt on all viral diseases in the study, and determined that a small% of people have a natural immunity to the Virus, as experienced by some of those who have worked with the stricken and not become infected. High dose vitamin C IV's that worked well against Polio may also create an increase of immunity. Immune complex supplements can add an additional level of protection, indicating that people in good health are less likely to be infected. The opportunity now for studies is certainly present and needed. Vitamin C Liposome capsules may also provide protection, and I am sure that this product will be given a trial testing, and there are likely dozens of drug companies working 24 hours/day in the search of anything (other than vitamin C) that works. Treating a mass population of those not yet affected could provide enough information to formulate a defense. The main obstacles to using these items, regardless of their efficacy, is the deaf government sector and the red-faced Medical associations who have blocked and altered the general public from getting the facts. If anything is found to work, the prices will skyrocket along with demand. (*Note that a G6PD deficiency lab test is required prior to taking high dose vitamin C IV's).
          Good luck!, Ray

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