What's Ahead In 2015?

Here we are, the first day of 2015, thinking about what's ahead this year. There's no doubt about it, 2014 was a good year for most stock investors and we hope you got your share of the pie.

The big standouts to me in 2014 were the mega drop in oil prices and the fact that gold prices have lost two years in a row. The last time that happened was in 1997 – so what's ahead in 2015?

I think that 2015 will offer some amazing opportunities for smart, knowledgeable investors. The key to trading this year is to go with the flow and don't fight the market. I don't know of any market expert who, in January of last year, forecast a 40% drop in oil prices. I'm not sure I heard anyone predicting that gold prices were going to have back-to-back losses two years in a row.

What does that tell you?

The investors or gurus who hold fixed beliefs and feel compelled to defend their market opinions are doomed. Investors who hold rigid market opinions in 2015 are not going to fair well and enjoy positive returns. That's just my opinion, and I reserve the right to change it at any time.

Here is another timeless piece of advice for 2015:

Don't over think the market. What I mean by that is, keep it simple. Let's look at the facts: the market can only do three things, it can go up, it can go down and it can go sideways. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

For sure, I don't know what's going to happen in 2015. I have some ideas, but quite frankly they are just ideas. The market will tell you what it wants to do. All you have to do as an investor is listen to the market as it will tell you where it's heading.

The best way I have found to listen to the market is using our very own MarketClub Trade Triangles. Remember, Trade Triangles have no feelings and no skin in the game that they have to defend. Our Trade Triangle technology simply reports on how the market is acting, your job as an investor is to trade on the mathematical probability that the Trade Triangles will put the odds on your side and get it right over time.

So here's my prediction for 2015 and I can guarantee that it will be 100% correct. The markets will move. That's it, it couldn't be simpler and I know I am going to be right.

So here's wishing every MarketClub member and every friend of MarketClub the very best in 2015, every success.

Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

24 thoughts on “What's Ahead In 2015?

  1. I apologize my friend . try posting when you can . Natural gas we igniting up Infiniti now on a day can. Move up a dollar in day historic move up

  2. This "Rich" individual is the reason I'm not having follow-up comments in this thread delivered to my e-mail inbox. What an OCD pain the butt!

  3. Oil huge huge move higher in day 7 to 10 possible . Natural gas futures to shine 1.25 to1.50 in day historic move for natural gas on percent basis possible

  4. Natural gas futures to truly shine here historic historic historic historic historic move up 1.20 to1.70 in single day ! Possible

  5. Oil huge monster move up above 5 dollars in day. . Natural gas can make history advancing above 1.25 in in single day. !

  6. Natural gas futures historic historic sf advance up now can ignite above 1.25 in a single day . Historic move higher

  7. I understand . We can see a historic historic move above. A dollar up in a day . Natural gas futures can ignite to 17.

  8. We are right now monster squeeze up now . There are few nuclear power plants in New England off line and two coal . Entire state if Maine going to natural . We will seea shortages . There is not a glut of supply like oil. IEA itself speak about natural gas replacing oil I. A few years. Number one fuel . Us just staring to compete for LNG first plant starting this year and into 2018. Buyers want 20 yr supply contracts. Natural will move up huge monster squeeze higher 4.60 to 9.50 . It will move like coffee year prior and more . Historic move up for natural gas futures right now in trading . Oil it self can see a huge move and reversal up 7 to 10 in a short time frame. Natural gas will ignite up either I. Truly historic fashion right now on furst day on the year

  9. Natural gas futures historic historic move up right now first trading day of new year . Historic move up above 4.60 to9.50 . It will be commodity of the year like coffee prior year .

  10. To answer the question directly, the Euro melting away like the Wicked Witch of the West, from the current look of it.

  11. Adam,
    Love your comments. Thanks for sharing.
    The so-called experts with a set opinion ought to show some flexibility as the markets can change on a dime.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Hope to see you again whether in the US or in the South of France.
    Cheers! 🙂

  12. Dear Adam,

    I am quite surprised to find your comment like " I'm not sure I heard anyone predicting that gold prices were going to have back-to-back losses two years in a row."
    Because initially in August 2011 i warned about the dangerous momentum of both Gold and Silver, and when Gold was traded Near $ 1850+++Level.
    in November 2012, i have expressed doubt about sustainability of Gold, when Gold was in the range of $ 1700 to $ 1750
    Again in February 13,
    When Gold was in the range of Around $ 1550 to $ 1600 i have specifically predicted lower levels around $ 1200 and $ 800
    There after in June 2013, i continued my bearish view for Gold, when it was traded around $ 1350

    these are just my sample posts, and over and above, i repeatedly warned about the weakness of Gold and Silver, and that were too, mostly in the more specific, committed and form, rather then adopting "If and Then" approach, just from this my all time favorite INO Platform.

    So you are requested to check - confirm all these, and then acknowledge my contribution and admissibility accordingly.

      1. During the year, we may found some technical bounce of around maximum $ 75 to $ 125 from any bottom level, and now again $ 1140 is important supports, followed with a final support of $ 1060, and there after there will be a unbelievable free fall. so still i am bearish for year 2015 -16 ultimately, market is proceeding towards $ 800 long term trend is fully bearish.

        However, all above levels are subject to first weak's data, which will be more important, and any firm prediction can be possible there after only.

  13. We see a truly huge move up in natural gas futures Monday in the new year . Oil will also see a huge move higher a large short squeeze up

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