Fill In The Caption - Mario Draghi & Angela Merkel

What do you think would be the "perfect caption" for this photograph of Mario Draghi and Angela Merkel?

Here's my caption:
"But Mario, why won't you dance with me!!"

Leave a comment with your caption. Enter as many captions as you wish and have fun!

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30 thoughts on “Fill In The Caption - Mario Draghi & Angela Merkel

  1. We shall insist that Greece collect all unpaid taxes for at least two decades by Greek millionaire tax-dodgers now living abroad and, if necessary, insist on extraditing them!

  2. Angela, just smile for the camera's and stop asking me "how much more does Germany have to give?"

  3. The more trading sanctions we put on our trading partners, the more our GDP goes down. I don't get it! & Why do we have stockpiles of widgets and keep making more? Why has Russia stopped buying our widgets?

  4. Mario, you know we Germans have class! What other country could produce a "Hitler"AND have the best beer in the world?

  5. Angie, I'm not even un poco interested in eavesdropping on your cell phone
    like that other guy. But I'd like to know what Hillary said about you, me and the
    whole G.O.P. on her private now-cleaned up cellphone.

  6. Could be: "but Mario, why are you looking so scared? .....who cares? ....its not the end of the world!

  7. Didn't I tell you to beware Greeks bearing gifts? Or was it you who gave them the gifts in the first place?

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