Poll: Which of the 3 Indexes will finish the highest?

This year has been a record setting year for the indexes so far with no end in sight.

I thought I would ask the question...

Which of the 3 Indexes will finish the year with the biggest gain?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: Which of the 3 Indexes will finish the highest?

  1. I cannot sell everything I own.My forever stocks are BRKb,NSRGY,MRKL.LOW,.I have taken some money off the table.Cash is King.I am keeping All my real losers.They have no where to fall.That leaves me with very many stocks that will fall,and rise again,as they have in the past.In passing I have made this judgement over many years of being in the market,The time to BUY,is on a fall.Keep cash. Most of my holdings come back a great deal stronger then before the fall.Where one has dividends,you can accumulate good shares,at a lower price.For me,It has been a win,win situation. Never panic.Anticipate losses.I think the next plunge will leave the majority of those who believe this can rise forever,will be devastating.If you cannot take losses ,Sell NOW.

  2. When we start 'betting' on which index will finish with the "BIGGEST GAIN" by the end of the year the contrarians tells us to run for the hills. I expect a big sell off by end of summer before the indexes finish at ot near flat for the year and a 'reconning' reversion back to the mean in'16.

  3. How the markets end the year is predicated on what the FED does and when they raise rates. The market will at first have a "temper-tantrum" when they do. So, the later they raise them the less time the market has to get over their hissy-fit and the less time the market has to recover. I predict they will end down for the year.

  4. Is this room smart money or the crowd? I would love to know if I should follow or fade LOL.....

  5. I think S&P will finish this year higher than the others. It's has been doing well and I think it will continue so.

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