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A mentor of mine once told me, "skepticism is like a double-edged sword." We all know you can't believe everything you hear! Questioning is healthy, it can keep you safe... but it can also hold you back if you let it.

What if you didn't allow yourself the opportunity to do something that could help you make money and live a better life? We all know money, in and of itself, can't improve all aspects of your life. BUT, having financial freedom can allow you to spend more time with your family and friends, see the world and rest easier at night. I'm sure no one would argue with that!

The beautiful thing is that results speak for themselves! If something works, it's easy to prove. You'll see the results my students and I can easily achieve using MarketClub Options in the video below.

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Now, don't you think it's time for you to see these results on your own?! With MarketClub Options, you'll master the full strategy that generates these returns.

Learn how to:

• determine if market conditions are optimal for options trading
• determine which stocks make great option candidates
• find entry and exit points for each options trade
• develop and fine-tune your trading plan

Learn more about starting MarketClub Options for yourself.

How many opportunities have you missed out on by second guessing yourself? Trust but verify, you owe it to yourself to make a small investment to see if these returns can help you achieve your own financial goals.

Every success,
Trader Travis

Travis Wilkerson (AKA Trader Travis) is the lead stock options trainer at MarketClub Options and founder of the Option Profit Formula Success Academy. Travis has been investing in stocks and options since early 2002 and became a full-time options trader in 2009. Since then, he has become a mentor to share the lessons he learned the hard way to help his students create multiple streams of income instead of one sole source of income.

Travis is just a down-to-earth, regular guy who believes in helping people by giving them a hand up, not a handout. To Travis, investing strategies should be simple, not complicated, thus allowing you to spend more time with your family.

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    1. Hi Antonio,

      Travis provides the lessons and extended training. He shows you how to find good option candidates, how to pick a strike, and how to read the Trade Triangles to enter and exit based on his MarketClub Options Blueprint. With MarketClub and our Alerts tool, you'd be able to have messages sent to you when a new signal triggers. We hope that helps answer your question.


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