MarketClub Trumps The Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Again

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

I'm sure you have heard that one before, right?

Okay, here at MarketClub I have my own version of that statement, and it goes like this.

"Give a man (or woman) a trade and he's a winner for a day. Teach a man (or woman) to trade with Trade Triangles and he (or she) is set for a lifetime of success."

I know that's a pretty big claim, but here is how I am going to prove it to you:

I have an app on my iPhone called iBillionaire and every once in a while this app shows you how the billionaire hedge fund managers are doing for the year. Most recently on September 13th, I noticed that even the billionaire hedge fund managers were having a hard time with the markets.

Looking at the top 10 billionaire hedge fund managers' performance, only four managed to be on the plus side for the year.

Here are the results of the top 5 billionaire hedge fund managers for 2015 ending on September 13th:

Thomas Steyer +10.73%
Bill Ackman +8.29%
Steve Mandel +5.18%
David Tepper +3.69%
Richard Chilton -0.30%

Average performance 5.51%

Then you have to subtract a 2% management, plus a 20% incentive fee, and you can see that the results would have been incredibly disappointing for investors.

Here are how some of the biggest household names in the hedge fund business have performed so far this year:

George Soros -9.23%
Warren Buffett -9.53%
Ray Dalio -15.47%
David Einhorn -19.13%
Karl Icahn -25.95%

How would you like to have had money with these guys and paid a management fee on top of those losses?

MarketClub's Internet Portfolio

We have been publishing the signals for this portfolio for almost three years for all MarketClub members to see. You can see where you should get in and where you should get out before it happens. You can see the current positions in the Internet portfolio here.

Through September 13th, the Internet portfolio was up 24.5%! And there were no management or incentive fees to pay. You only have to be a member of MarketClub to see the Trade Triangle signals for this portfolio.

I think you'll agree that the Internet portfolio's 24.5% return on capital trumps the 10.73% return of Thomas Steyer who is this year's the top performing billionaire hedge fund manager so far.

As we start this new week, I will be looking at how markets closed last week and what to expect this coming week. I will also be looking at crude oil, the euro and what is going on in the gold market.

It is going to be an interesting week as this week is the last full week of trading for Q3.

Stay strong and be disciplined.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub