Wow Did The Fed Chicken Out Today!

The Fed announced we MIGHT get 2 rate hikes in 2016 starting in July. Sure, as long as the S&P 500 is pushing all-time highs on a daily basis!

We came into the announcement with commodity-related positions highlighted in the last video we posted, and also, we put a new options position to work in emerging markets. Let's dive in and I'll show you how we're trading this.

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Todd Gordon

2 thoughts on “Wow Did The Fed Chicken Out Today!

  1. the fed chickened out because they have never raised rates when there is only 2% economic growth, and 2% inflation.
    they need to raise rates only so they have some room to lower rates next time we sink into recession.

    1. Agreed,

      What would be better is if we abolish the "Federal Reserve". We were just fine before 1913 and 100 years before it came into being.

      This scam has been going on to long, they have been nothing but trouble for the markets.
      On top of the fact they make providing money for wars or welfare programs easy.

      People would then see the cost of these programs and stop them cold, since the real cost is off the charts. The government gets a blank check from the tax payer with the fed.

      Sadly only about 5% of the public truly understand what "Federal reserve" is and even less understand how it actually works.

      So we are forced to play this game, for now.

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