Fill In The Caption

As promised here is today's caption for the "Amtrak Primary."

Senator Ted CruzWhat do you think would be the "perfect caption" for this photograph of Senator Ted Cruz?

Here's mine: "Your world is on fire"!

Feel free to leave your caption, but please keep them above board.

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21 thoughts on “Fill In The Caption

  1. I cannot wait until i win the presidency. I will finally make money on my short positions

  2. And further more, I renounced my Canadian citizenship just so I could be your president.

  3. Wake up! Trump is for many years an active supporter of every important Democrat from Hillary to Chuck Schumer to to John Kerry and more.

    Now Trump fesses up to supporting Planned Parenthood which butchers over 300,000 children each year and sells thier brains, liver, hearts, lungs and anything else for money. Which of Hell's foul pits are these monsters vomited out of and having the stench thereof? TRUMP IN THE DEBATES SAID PLANNED PARENTHOOD "DOES GOOD WORK" and he supports them for "business reasons." Many of the readers HEARD him say that!!!

    A vote for Trump/Hillary is a vote for the baby parts "business."

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