3 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, America!

  1. HELLO, PRESIDENT, VICE PRESI,AND GOVERNORS ,AND OTHER COLLINS,IN UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, i alwasy wish you all a prosperios independent,happy day, and more days for more celebrations, THANKS

  2. Happy 4th everybody -

    Adam - I have a couple of questions regarding the 52 week high rule. -
    Do we ALWAYS close positions on Tues AM (unless Monday is down) -
    This week is a great example GLD, GDX, ABX all strong good ride over the weekend -
    Would I really sell them on a Tuesday morning strong open?
    How about if Tuesday is the first day of the trading week? - Still Tuesday?

  3. A neighbour living on the North-Eastern border wish a good Independence Day to al Americans.

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