On Our Way To A Banner Year

Let's face it, sometimes making money in the markets is tough, even for professionals. Some of the big names in the hedge fund industry have under-performed the market and even lost money over the last several years.

Every year, hundreds of hedge funds go out of business due to investors becoming disenchanted with mediocre to poor returns (remember, with hedge funds there is a management fee of usually 2% on invested capital and 20% of any profits).

Every investors’ dream is to find a way to consistently make money in the market with the least amount of risk. The question is, does something like that even exist?

The answer to that question is yes and no. What I mean by that is yes, you can consistently make money, but only if you adhere to a strict game plan and discipline.

For the past nine years, we have provided a model portfolio that has consistently made money for MarketClub members who follow the signals that we provide every day. Every day the MarketClub team posts the signals to either enter or exit a market for each of the six markets tracked in this portfolio. These signals are available to every MarketClub member worldwide on a daily basis. Over the course of 36 trading quarters, the World Cup Portfolio has only had six negative quarters which gives this portfolio a success rate of over 83%.

On an annual basis it has never failed to make money which answers the question, “Can you consistently make money in the market?” I believe that the World Cup portfolio, which has proven itself over nine years in all kinds of up and down market conditions can be your ticket to a winning formula for success.

Q2 Results

Q2 once again proved that a disciplined game plan worked with a solid $13,775.50 return which equates to a 27.5% return for the quarter. Add that to the Q1 return of $8,061 (16% for Q1 2016), based on a $50,000 investment and you can clearly see that we are on our way to a very good year. Now you can see why some MarketClub members are smiling all the way to the bank.

Q2 Results For Each Commodity

Corn: $1,887.50
Wheat: $50.00
Soybeans: $6,287.50
Crude Oil: $1,590.00
Gold: $4765.50
DX: -$805.00

Total gain for Q2 $13,775.50. Percentage return on $50,000 = 27.5%

Total gain for Q1 $$8,061.00. Percentage return on $50,000 = 16.1%

Total gain for 2016 through Q2 $ 21,836.50. Percentage return on $50,000 = 43.6%


Sometimes we have members who just want to cherry pick the markets/numbers and just trade one of these markets. I don’t really suggest that. For example, if you just traded soybeans in Q1 using the Trade Triangles, you would’ve lost money. In Q2 Soybeans produced gang-buster returns.

The bottom line is, no one tells you at the beginning of the quarter exactly which markets are going to have the big moves. The strength of this portfolio is diversification, which in turn lowers your overall risk profile.

Find out the rules, results and the entry/exit points for the World Cup portfolio here.

See if the World Cup portfolio fits your risk profile. Should you decide to follow this model portfolio, I wish you every success, remember discipline and diversification are the key benchmarks of this portfolio.

Stay focused and disciplined.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

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  1. Is the world cup portfolio available to Canadian investors or in ETF format?

    Thanks, Denis

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