All 3 Major Indexes Fall Below 200-Day MA

Hello traders everywhere. For the first time since early March, all three indexes have traded below their 200-Day MA. In fact, they are also trading below their 50-Day MA as well, is this a signal that the stock market is set up to head lower? As we head into afternoon trading the DOW, S&P 500 and NASDAQ are down over -1% on the day with the DOW recovering slightly after being down 400 pts in early trading.

200-Day MA

The 10-year Treasury note yield fell to its lowest level since September 2017 and traded around 2.22%. A portion of the so-called yield curve further inverted as 3-month Treasury bills last yielded 2.353%, well above the 10-year rate. A yield curve inversion is seen by traders as a potential sign that a recession is on the horizon.

Key Levels To Watch This Week:

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3 thoughts on “All 3 Major Indexes Fall Below 200-Day MA

  1. This has nothing surprising element, as that was quite sure to be happened.

    In fact, up trend which is taken place from January 19 to May 19 was not actually Bull run, but that was simply a bounce back. (today;s present index is around 25110

    After giving Relief Rally up to around 26500, further down trend continuation cant be ruled-out, however,Dow has already established it's Down Trend well earlier in the year 2018, now 25000 is crucial, and next major support is at around 24500 - 24300, and final support at 20500, thereafter bellow this marks, we may find free flow and fast down side journey towards sub 19000 marks.

    1. Hi Rasesh Shukla from India .
      The markets , are the greatest game in town .
      I really enjoy playing .
      More comments on the DOW J . Either tonight or earlier in next week , the DOW J to selloff
      close to 24,000 ,, I think a little more than your target (next major support is at around 24500 - 24300,)
      this will be the bottom of wave 3 of the higher wave 1 down and probably the lowest point coming .
      We will see if I am right , this is my prediction .
      I say tonight I am AUSTRALIAN 10,000 miles away or so .

  2. This was my call earlier DOW 20.000 target to fall over 6,000 points

    DOW bottom approaching wave 1 bottom , still a little bit left
    than the bottom and recovery wave 2 up .

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