Stocks Eyeing Gains For The Second Week In A Row

Hello traders everywhere. After disastrous May during which major indexes lost more than 6%, U.S. stocks have clawed back much of those losses. The recent rally was sparked last week when Federal Reserve officials signaled in interviews and speeches that they are watching the risks of a sharper-than-expected economic slowdown, a sign the central bank might consider lowering interest rates in coming meetings. We are currently 5 days away from the first of those meetings, be sure to keep an eye on the headlines for potential moves in the markets.

Last week the major indexes all gained over 3.8% for the week and this week all three indexes look to post gains for the second week in a row with the S&P 500 posting a gain of +.4%, the DOW +.3%, and NASDAQ follows with a gain +.7%.

The U.S. dollar will post a weekly gain of +.9% after losing -1.07% last week. Gold continues to march higher with a weekly gain of +.6%, but it cannot compete with Bitcoin which bounced back after losing -8% last week, gaining +7% this week.

The only major market that we track to post a weekly loss is crude oil, which will lose -2.5%. That marks the third week out of the last four that oil has had a losing week.

Key Levels To Watch Next Week:

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