MCO Blueprint vs. Coronavirus Crash

It's not every day that you see 2,000 point swings for the Dow Jones Industrial Average or multiple trading halts in one session. We are living in unprecedented times.

It's also not commonplace to see a trading strategy tested during a market crash, but that's exactly what happened when Trader Travis was recording the last video of a 3-part bonus series for MarketClub Options members.

While the MarketClub Options bonus training videos are normally reserved for members, we thought an early release of our April video was too important not to share.

In this video, you'll see how the Blueprint helped protect Travis' portfolio as the markets began to free-fall.

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So, did your strategy protect you like the MarketClub Options Blueprint did for Travis? Did your plan get you out in time and help you cut losses?

If you don't have a step-by-step blueprint to guide you safely through these crazy times, you need to check out MarketClub Options right now.

To find parts 1 and 2 of Travis' bonus series and the entire MarketClub Options Blueprint, visit us here - MarketClub Options.

Stay safe. Protect your portfolio. Stick with your plan.

The MarketClub Team
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