2 thoughts on “ESG Investing Is Costing You Money

  1. ESG is another vehicle to defraud investors. Green energy is a particularly good example. Never look behind the curtain. Want to anyway? Watch Planet of the Humans. ESG should stand for Extra Special Greed.

    1. Totally agree Carl, but no one is listening and its being promoted falsely.
      I like to describe it this way. It's basically a "Scarlet letter". A UN appointed group of people have been given this power to pick and choose companies based on "woke" metrics. The principles they propose companies to follow is like a Trojan horse destroying them slowly from within. If companies try to ignore this they get ostracized for protecting themselves. IMO this will change investing for individuals for the worse over the long term, as it looks at us negatively as parasitical. Look at the goals of ESG, they do not favor one to invest their hard earned already taxed money that will get demising returns. They basically want more profits to be distributed away from us to UN style "greater good, equity, green" nonsense. Another veiled Tax.

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