DOW Shrugs Off Latest Round Of Tariffs

Hello traders everywhere. While the overall market is a bit mixed today the DOW continues to shine as it approaches its all-time high. As we stand in early afternoon trading the DOW is up +.75% on the day and only 175 points or so from hitting a new record high above 26,616.71. This move two-day move higher comes on the heels of a weak close last week and weak open on Monday as we waited for the latest round of tariffs against Chinese goods.

DOW continues to shine

Late Monday, President Trump announced that 10% tariffs on $200 billion in imports from China would go into effect next week, escalating the trade war between the world's two largest economies, but the key point was that there would be a slower escalation of the tariffs through the end of the year which will ultimately rise to 25%. China responded on Tuesday by unveiling 10% tariffs on about $60 billion of U.S. goods effective Sept. 24.

The beat goes on.

Key Levels To Watch This Week:

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Are Technology And FANG Stocks Bottoming?

Recent downside pricing pressure on Technology and FANG stocks have kept investors wary of jumping back into the market while we wait to see where the bottom may form. Concerns about long-term pricing pressures, US trade wars and the continued Congressional testimony regarding privacy and censorship issues have kept social media technology stocks in a negative perspective. The only aspect of this pricing pullback that is positive is that these stocks will, at some point, find a price bottom and attempt to rally as investors rush back into their favorites attempting to ride the run higher.

Our researchers believe the current price levels could be a prime example of a short-term bottom setting up in certain technology stocks. Both Apple and Amazon are two of the biggest and most actively traded stocks on the US Stock exchange. They differ from many of the other FANG stocks because these companies actually produce and sell consumer products & services that are, in many ways, essential to conducting commerce and trade.

This 30-minute chart of Apple shows our Adaptive Dynamic Learning Cycles price modeling system showing a cycle low is setting up over the next day or two in Apple followed by an upside price cycle that should push prices back above $220. Notice the oversold levels highlighted in BRIGHT GREEN. The last major oversold levels setup just below $218. The current oversold levels are setting up just below $217. We believe these $217 levels will likely set up a price bottom and prompt an upside price rally over the next 5+ days that could push Apple prices well above $225.

FANG Stocks

Amazon is setting up a different type of price bottoming formation – a Fibonacci price retracement bottom. We use these Fibonacci price retracement levels in conjunction with our other price modeling systems to attempt to determine where and when price reversals may be set up in the future. In this example, we can see a price bottom formed in early August of a Fibonacci 50% price pullback and the current price pullback is testing the same 50% level. We believe this current setup will prompt a price bottom to form and an upside price rally will likely result in AMZN rushing back above $2000 again with a few days. Continue reading "Are Technology And FANG Stocks Bottoming?"

Gold Struggles While Silver Doesn't

In this post, I will take a deep dive into the chart structure of the precious metals as prices approach crucial triggers but on the opposite sides of each metal.

Let’s start with gold as it struggles to gain a foothold above $1200.

Chart 1. Gold Daily: Pullback

Gold Struggles
Chart courtesy of

The votes were split almost evenly in the poll in my earlier post about the gold’s outlook. Half of the readers chose the trigger of the upside resistance at the $1218 and the rest thought that the market would drop to retest the $1122. The metal price then was just a little bit lower than these days at the $1186.

Almost one month has passed since then, and to my surprise, none of the triggers were pulled although we were very close to the $1218 point, the market couldn’t push above the $1214 at the end of the August and then retreated below $1200. This month we could see the increasing activity as investors are back from their summer holidays. There was another attempt to clear the resistance last week, but it stalled at the $1213 and the significant level again remained untouched. Continue reading "Gold Struggles While Silver Doesn't"

Weekly Futures Recap With Mike Seery

We've asked Michael Seery of SEERYFUTURES.COM to give our INO readers a weekly recap of the Futures market. He has been Senior Analyst for close to 15 years and has extensive knowledge of all of the commodity and option markets.

Michael frequently appears on multiple business networks including Bloomberg news, Fox Business, CNBC Worldwide, CNN Business, and Bloomberg TV. He is also a guest on First Business, which is a national and internationally syndicated business show.

Silver Futures

Silver futures in the December contract settled last Friday in New York at 14.17 an ounce while currently trading at 14.23 up about 6 cents trading in a two week consolidation and if you are short the stop loss in Monday's trade will be 14.59, however in Tuesday's trade that will drop tremendously to 14.39 which is just an eyelash away. For the bearish momentum to continue, we have to break through the September 11th low of 13.96 as gold prices hit a two week high in yesterdays trade as I have now become neutral that commodity, but silver remains negative as the downtrend line remains intact as the volatility has come to a crawl. Historically speaking silver prices look cheap in my opinion as I do think a bullish trend eventually will develop as prices have dropped about 20% from June as we are right near a nine-year low as prices have plummeted from $50 an ounce in 2011 as that's how far this bearish trend has dropped. The commodity markets, in general, remain weak, but I do think a bottoming out process is coming about as the U.S. economy is excellent as global economies are also improving as you would have to think 2019 commodity prices will start to rally. However, if you are short, place the proper stop loss and if stopped out then look at other the markets that are beginning to trend.

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