Financials: The Delicate Balance of Rates and Yield Curve

The financial cohort is in a difficult space as the broader economic backdrop continues to dictate whether these stocks can appreciate higher. A delicate balance between interest rates, Federal Reserve commentary, yield curve inversion, trade war, and concerns over a potential recession in late 2019 or early 2020 must be attained. A disruption in this […]

Options: Long-Term Game of Discipline and Outperformance

Options trading is a long game that requires discipline, patience, time, maximizing the number of trade occurrences and continuing to trade through all market conditions. To this end, an options-based portfolio requires discipline and time to materialize in order to reach its full benefits when benchmarked to a broader index. An options-based approach provides a […]

Will CVS Health and Walgreens Survive?

Is it the single payer narrative being pushed by Democratic Presidential frontrunners? Is it the Amazon threat via its acquisitions of PillPack and Whole Foods that may displace traditional pharmacies? Is it the drug pricing pressures that are eroding margins and limiting margin expansion over time? Is it the secular decline in the physical footprint […]