Is Gold Getting Ready For A Big Run?

While most of the focus has been on the equity markets lately, the gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO) market has slowly been inching up. After making an all-time high close of $1904.92 on September 5, 2011 (see fig 1) the gold market then spiraled lower for the next several years. All that changed in 2016 when gold found a floor it liked and rallied to produce its first positive year since 2011, closing up almost 10% for the year.


Take a look at the chart, the dominant feature in this close only spot gold chart is the 6 yr downward trend line (see fig 2). This is a classic trend line and an important technical tool. The key elements of any trend line are that it touches three price points. The other key level to look at is where the downward sloping trend line will be broken on the upside. That will occur in this particular trend line when spot gold trades over $1300 an ounce. At that time I believe that gold will embark on a multiyear bull market. Continue reading "Is Gold Getting Ready For A Big Run?"

Why It's Time To Buy Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX)

Hello everyone, Adam Hewison here coming to you from the digital studios of MarketClub. Yesterday, the Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX) had a major trend change to the upside signaled by a new green monthly Trade Triangle. It's the first buy signal ABX has had since it began its move on January 7, 2016. At that time the signal was it $8.33 and the market moved as high as $23 before pulling back.

Today I have put together five different charts that show why I believe Barrick Gold is headed significantly higher.

About This Stock

Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX) engages in the exploration and development of gold and copper properties in the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Zambia, and Saudi Arabia. It primarily explores for gold, copper, and nickel deposits. The company's main properties include Cortez, Goldstrike, Pueblo Viejo, Lagunas Norte, and Veladero. As of the end of 2015, ABX had proven and probable gold reserves of 91.9 million ounces; and 11.7 proven and probable copper reserves of billion pounds. Barrick Gold Corporation was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Chart #1

In chart number one can see that Barrick Gold broke over a 52-month long-term negative force line (1) and moved as high as $23 a share (2) before pulling back 50% (3).

Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX)

Continue reading "Why It's Time To Buy Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX)"

Fake News Stories, Do They Really Matter?

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. Recently we have heard a lot about fake news, well fake news or rumors have been a part of the market since the markets began trading. The question is do they really make a difference, the answer is over the long-term no, in the short-term possibly. The good news is that they are not important and you should not pay much attention to them. The reason I say, that is because there is an easy, simple solution to capturing significant moves in the market.

MarketClub's Mid-day Market Report

Here is the simple solution, the Trade Triangles. Continue reading "Fake News Stories, Do They Really Matter?"

3 Energy Stocks That Are Good To Go

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. Well, it looks like we will all be paying higher prices at the pump over the holiday season. On 22 November, a weekly Trade Triangle kicked in on February crude oil (NYMEX:CL.G17.E) $49.96 indicating that prices were headed higher. This morning crude oil is trading at $54.60 and appears to be headed to the $60 range in the near term.

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Technically speaking after hitting a low of around $36 a barrel in early January 2016 this commodity has seen a remarkable comeback. Energy is an essential element in the economy not just for industries but also for consumers. However, we are still half the price we were just a few years ago and that is a good thing. In today's video, I will be analyzing crude oil and show you exactly where I think this market can go in the near-term and the long-term. Continue reading "3 Energy Stocks That Are Good To Go"

Up Up And Away

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. The euphoria over Donald Trump's success continues to fuel the equity markets. Certainly, the 20,000 level on the DOW (INDEX:DJI) is no longer a dream but more than likely a reality. So just how high can these markets go that's the billion dollar question?

MarketClub's Mid-day Market Report

One thing I've learned in trading over the years is you don't stand in front of a freight train coming at you, and that's exactly what this market is at the moment. However, speeding railcars sometimes get derailed and can cause serious crashes.

Last week I warned about how December can be a very difficult month. As this month progresses, volume is going to continue to wane creating vacuums in the marketplace. I expect as we get closer to the 20,000 mark volatility will be exacerbated because of the lack of liquidity as many traders will be out enjoying time with family and friends over the year-end holiday season. Continue reading "Up Up And Away"