Three Step Plan for Escaping Dependency and Information Overload

The response from Bill's blog post from yesterday was so positive, I asked if he would be so kind as to delve deeper into the topics of escaping dependency and dealing with information overload. Please enjoy the article and comment below and feel free to check out Bill's site here.


I want to thank everyone who commented on the previous discussion about the challenges facing traders today, especially forex traders.

In that recent posting I was talking about the Black Hole of dependency that has a strong hold on forex traders right now – but I didn’t really take enough time to delve deeper into that subject and broaden it enough to help struggling traders.

Today, I want to follow along that path.

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"Weird" Events Are Frustrating Forex Traders

Frequent guest blogger, Bill Poulos, presents his latest article below which looks deep into a number of major issues within the Forex markets, as well as provides a number of excellent tips for you to use on a daily basis. Please check out Bill's site here, and as always he's excited to read and respond to your comments so let's not let him down.


Recent events have brought the dollar back into focus – both as it continues to slide, and as it made an unusual, event-related rebound last week. Because of that, many traders, my students included asked me for my take on why Forex traders are struggling right now.

I believe there are three reasons that are deeply affecting traders of foreign currencies. They are:

•    Overexposure on trades
•    Little or no attention to risk management
•    Stuck in a black hole cycle of dependency

Let me elaborate:

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Why losing traders look for methods that win 80% or more of the time

I'll get right to it...this post from Bill Poulos from Profits Run is excellent! We've all been in this situation, where we look for a great methodology for our trading style, look at published winning percentages, and then cry when it completely blows up your account...yes we've ALL been there! In Bill's new article he helps you figure out the solutions. Bill's expertise really comes through in this article and he's just released his “Risk Eraser” technique video so check it out today!


While doing research on the current state of the Forex trading landscape, I discovered something surprising.

Losing Forex traders appear to be enamored with 'winning percentages' when selecting a forex trading method.

The irony in that statement should be obvious -- if the 'winning percentage' of the forex method is so important, how can these traders still be net losers?

Because, I believe, winning percentage is the wrong concept to focus on. In fact, I find winning forex traders look for methods that have winning percentages closer to 50-60%. And, they also have one more 'secret' that losing traders DON'T have.

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Why Trading Forex Now Beats The Stock Market

Today's post is from an old friend, frequent blogger (see previous posts), and trading expert Bill Poulos from Profits Run. With Bill focusing a ton of his time on Forex, and with the Forex market getting so much attention, I wanted to ask Bill to come and give us some of his latest insights into what he's found. The article below is a great one, and if you have time I'd highly recommend checking out his new "Risk Eraser" technique video!


You've likely heard the term Forex lately -- it continues to be the hottest trading trend today. That's a trend I believe will continue but today, I wanted to take a few moments to point out why as well as how you can best take advantage of trading foreign currencies without being taken advantage of.

Just a couple of years ago, the foreign exchange markets were dominated by the big brokers and major banks around the world. Today, the 'little guys' have gotten in on the action -- and the growth in currency trading has increased from $1.9 trillion to nearly $3 trillion in that short space of time (that's the average daily turnover in the markets - a 50% growth in turnover).

But why should you trade Forex?

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Forex markets: Day trading versus End of Day trading

At, we cover the Forex markets with real-time streaming data, but trader's blog members often ask which is better: Day Trading or End of Day Trading the Forex markets. To help answer that question and answer ANY other Forex questions you might have is Bill Poulos. Bill's developed an amazing Forex Income Engine 2.0 course (goes live at 10am today), and has decided to give us one more post and clear his schedule to answer any and ALL questions you might have for him! Please comment below with your own thoughts on which is better for Forex trading and your own personal experiences!


Forex traders often ask: “Is it better to trade the Forex markets on an end of day basis (with daily charts) or a day trading basis (with 5, 10, 30, etc minute charts)?”

There is no right answer to this question, as I believe it depends on your individual circumstances, preferred style of trading, amount of starting capital, and volatility in the markets.

Let’s take these one at a time.

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