Chart For Profit: Buy Gold, Sell Euro

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Dear readers,

This week I prepared for you an analysis of gold versus the euro and why it might be profitable choice.

My last post was also dedicated to the European cross of gold versus the Swedish krona and, for the time being, it managed to gain more than 200 SEK per troy ounce (already or more than 2%). The target is set for a 14% gain, so please be patient.

Today I am going to tell you about a chance to score a nice 18%. The chart above is a monthly candle graph of XAUEUR for the last 5 years. It was me who wrongly forgot about such a liquid metal cross with such an interesting chart pattern being shaped. But fortunately, today we still have a chance to buy gold versus euro. Continue reading "Chart For Profit: Buy Gold, Sell Euro"

This Pioneering Chart Pattern Is Still One Of The Best

By: Amber Hestla, Michael J. Carr

The head-and-shoulders (HS) top is one of the best-known patterns in technical analysis. This pattern was first written about in 1930 by a financial editor at Forbes magazine who described how the HS forms and how it can be traded.

Many readers are familiar with the HS pattern. On a price chart, there will be three peaks in price at the end of the uptrend, with the center peak (the head) being higher than the other two. The peaks on the sides (the shoulders) should be about equal in height. Continue reading "This Pioneering Chart Pattern Is Still One Of The Best"

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Learn to Spot a Head & Shoulders Pattern in Your Charts

By Elliott Wave International

Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy is the editor of our Elliott Wave Junctures trader education service and one of our most popular instructors. Jeffrey's primary analytical method is the Elliott Wave Principle, but he also uses several other technical tools to supplement his analysis.

You can apply these methods across any market and any time-frame. Enjoy this lesson and then find out how you can get additional trading lessons from Elliott Wave International.

My primary tool as a technical analyst is, of course, the Wave Principle. Even so, I find great value in other forms of technical analysis, such as candlesticks and indicators. With this in mind, let's review one of my favorite old-school chart patterns -- Head-and-Shoulders. Continue reading "Learn to Spot a Head & Shoulders Pattern in Your Charts"

A Mystery Stock That No One Is Talking About

mthumbOne of my favorite things to do is to look at charts and chart patterns. The pattern I'll be showing you today, I've seen a thousand times before. What I like about this pattern is that it is very reliable.

I am going to share with you a stock that no one is talking about and is probably not on anyone's radar at the moment. It has a similar analysis and pattern to Apple stock, but before Apple had its big up move.

Now I have to admit, this stock may not be as appealing as Apple, however it is a big, well-known stock. You will recognize the name immediately when you watch the video.

I had put this stock in my portfolio a while back and had almost forgotten about it, when it popped up in the little chart box on my personal MarketClub homepage. The chart pattern of this stock immediately caught my eye and demanded more analysis on my part.

See if you agree with my analysis. If you have a different view on this stock or think you see something that I have missed, please feel free to leave a comment. Buying or selling, agreeing or disagreeing, that is what makes a market.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub


Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 2

In the centuries that people have been trading and charting, those same people have noticed that the market will repeat itself time and again. By studying these patterns, they were able to ascertain that when X occurs, it’s a smart time to do Y.

Do you know what you’re looking at when you open your charts?

In this second installment of the Trader’s Blog Whiteboard Series, Adam shows you what you’re looking at, what it means, and how you can profit by paying attention to these formations.

There is no need to register to watch this series and please feel free to share with friends and fellow traders. Lesson 2 is waiting...


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