Optimizing the ABC Charting Formation

As a special treat to Trader’s Blog readers, Ron Ianieri is offering you an in-depth look at how to optimize the ABC charting formation.

The ABC Charting Formation is one of the most basic and frequently occurring charting patterns that exist. Watch how this basic chart can be turned into a big payday with the use of options. Follow along as we use options to safely and easily follow the ABC's charting patterns twists and bends. We start out with the most basic and most easily understood strategy, roll it, morph it and finally close it. Suddenly, this simple charting pattern, traded with the simplest option strategy, becomes a sophisticated looking trading strategy that is incredibly simple to use, fully hedged at all times, and very profitable!

The concept of synthetics has always been fundamentally important to understanding options. Synthetics show us the mathematical relationship that exists between the stock, a call, and its corresponding put. This mathematical relationship not only relates the price of these instruments in relation to each other, but also shows how a call can be changed into a put, or a put can be changed into a call by simply adding the stock into the equation. Understanding synthetics allows investors the ability to morph positions from the wrong position to the right position quickly and efficiently. Understanding synthetics also allow investors to take advantage of the put/call skew we frequently see in the options market today.

Watch it now: Optimizing the ABC Charting Formation

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"Saturday Seminars" - Visual Investing: Back To The Basics

John’s workshop shows how relatively simple charting concepts like trend lines and support and resistance levels can be used to great advantage. The main focus of the workshop is to show how simple charting principles, combined with some intermarket ideas, can be applied to stock market sectors and mutual fund selection. This is the subject of his latest book, "The Visual Investor".

John Murphy, CNBC-TV’s technical analyst for many years, wrote the book many technicians consider the core of their technical analysis library, Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets (Prentice Hall, 1986). Along with his daily broadcasts discussing the financial markets, John also heads his own consulting firm—JJM Technical Advisors, Inc. John founded JJM Technical Advisors in 1981 after serving for a number of years as director of commodity technical analysis and senior managed account trading advisor with Merrill Lynch. He is a past director and director emeritus of the MTA. John wrote Intermarket Technical Analysis (Wiley & Sons, 1991) and The Visual Investor (Wiley & Sons, 1996). John received the very first award given for Contribution to Global Technical Analysis, presented at the International Federation of Technical Analysts’ fifth World Conference in 1992


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