Chart to Watch - Corn

We've asked our friend Jim Robinson of to provide his expert analysis of charts to our readers. Each week he'll be be analyzing a different chart using the Trade Triangles and his experience.

Today he is going to take a look at the technical picture of December Corn (ZC.V12.E). I hope you had a GREAT week !

Corn is currently in a counter trend correction and has gone on a weekly red MarketClub Trade Triangle which reflects the counter trend move.

The monthly MarketClub Trade Triangle is still green which means the longer term monthly trend is still bullish for Corn. Continue reading "Chart to Watch - Corn"

Soybeans set all-time high as heat damages crops

Soybean prices are at an all-time high as crops wilt under a blanket of hot, dry weather.

Soybeans for August delivery gained 2.7 percent Wednesday to end at $16.835 per bushel, which was a record high. Corn and wheat prices also rose. Continue reading "Soybeans set all-time high as heat damages crops"

WASDE Review and Yield Scenarios for Corn & Soybeans

By: Craig Turner


The WASDE increased ending stocks to 903 million bushels for 2011-2012 corn, up from 851 previously. The USDA has the July Corn yield at 146.0 and cut demand over 1 billion bushels. It is important to note what the yield is as of July 1 for the USDA. One can make the argument that since July 1 we have lost more bushels and we are probably closer to a 140 yield now. Continue reading "WASDE Review and Yield Scenarios for Corn & Soybeans"

The Game Plan for Investing in Today's Corn Market

By John Payne, Senior Broker with Daniels Trading

The corn trade has been incredibly complicated as of late. The situation is one that projects both the most bullish and bearish of set ups, simultaneously. So what is anyone involved in the grain trade supposed to do? What do we focus on going forward that will project prices higher or lower? If market participants or advisors look closely, they will see a Jekyll and Hyde type market that doesn’t come around that often.

Tight Supply and 95 million Acres

Corn futures are now an environment with a two-tiered structure. On one hand, we have the old crop, or cash corn market (grain that is in the bin or would be ready for use immediately). This market is showing bullish characteristics with a historically tight supply on hand. The one factor, beyond all things, that triggers me as a buyer of cash or front month corn futures is the strong basis being reported in Decatur, IL (heart of corn belt) and in the Gulf of Mexico where the export terminals are. As of today, those basis levels are as strong as we have seen in recent times. Continue reading "The Game Plan for Investing in Today's Corn Market"

A Perfect Weekend for "The 52-week new highs on Friday rule"

We published this trading rule on our blog almost 8 months ago, February 10 to be exact. You can look it up if you wish. With gold making all time highs on Friday, it seems like the perfect candidate for this rule. Just remember, there are no guarantees in trading and you want gold to close at or near its highs for the day.

I learned this rule over 3 decades ago in the markets from a low-key trader named Bill. Using his special trading technique, Bill made millions and millions of dollars from his office. The best part is that this technique is still working more than 30 years after it was taught to me and why I insist on sharing it with as many traders as possible.

Bill didn't even have a name for this killer trading technique and so I named it, "The 52-week new highs on Friday rule". Continue reading "A Perfect Weekend for "The 52-week new highs on Friday rule""