Can Apple Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat?

Today is Apple's big day to show off all its shiny new toys, the only difference this year is that Apple doesn't seem to have any new surprise rabbits (products) in the hat.

You have to ask yourself, has Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) finally reached its zenith? As a longtime Apple fan and user of many of their products, I find that I am just not upgrading as fast as I once did. For example, I still carry an Apple 5S iPhone and not the new 6 or 6+ iPhone.

Research has shown that the smartphone market is leveling off and is not expected to grow as the market is saturated. The only growth area left in the phone market is the low-end, which is not an area that Apple will enter as it will cannibalize sales of its higher end iPhone. This is a huge concern for Apple, who derives two-thirds of its income from the iPhone. Logically if Apple has reached a saturation point in the smartphone market they cannot grow revenues. Then new revenues are going to have to come from a new whiz-bang product. In today's tech-driven world, that is going to be extremely difficult to do even for Apple. Continue reading "Can Apple Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat?"