Time To Buy Gold

Yesterday, the spot gold market flashed a major trend change to the upside. Major trend changes do not occur that often and when they do I like to pay close attention to them. The signal came in at $1,331.45, and even though gold is now lower than that point, it is still a valid signal.

With all the Trade Triangles now positive and the fact that we are seeing a pullback today in gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO), this may be an ideal time to get long gold in the ETF SPDR Gold Shares (PACF:GLD), a leveraged ETF, or in futures.

The current pullback on the intraday 15-minute chart puts this market back into a Fibonacci support area which should offer good support. With the long Fourth of July weekend, I do not expect anybody will want to be short this market going in to the weekend. I expect to see some recovery later today from the lows seen this morning.

There are no guarantees in trading, but with all of the Trade Triangles positive on gold, I feel this is a fairly low risk trade on the upside. As always, you should protect your position with money management stops. If you'd like to learn more about money management stops, you can read about them here.

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Is The Gold Move Over?

I have had a number of requests to update my January 3rd special report on gold. Since that report, gold has rallied $150 from the lows that were seen in late December 2013.

On January 3rd, I outlined what I thought was going to happen to Gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO) and I was very happy to see that scenario play out for both our members and myself. Since that date I have seen a number of factors play into the market, the biggest being the events in the Ukraine right now.

One fact I wanted to share with you, which I found surprising and did not know, was the fact that Indian housewives hold 11% of the world's gold. That is more than the reserves of the USA, IMF, Switzerland and Germany put together. Now, there’s a bit of trivia to impress your friend with. Continue reading "Is The Gold Move Over?"

Will The Force Be With The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)?

Today, I am going to be analyzing the stock of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS), who reports earnings after the bell today.

Like many of us, I grew up with Mickey and Donald and the rest of the Disney characters. Disney as a company is loved by folks around the world and has a strong brand. That said, the stock can and does have corrections and it may be set for another correction after the earnings come out tonight. The market itself seems to have a little bit of a negative tone, which is indicating to me to be on the sidelines in this stock at the moment.

The recent red weekly Trade Triangle for Disney is the first red flag that the stock may have put in a top. While not as significant a change as a monthly Trade Triangle, it should not be ignored. The second red flag for Disney is the glaring negative divergence between price action (number 6) and the MACD (number 8). This is not a good sign and the divergence could be a warning of an impending drop in this stock.

This in-depth analysis of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) is not saying that this stock is going to collapse. I am only reporting on certain technical elements that could cause this stock to come under downside pressure. Continue reading "Will The Force Be With The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)?"

Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ:SBUX) Under The Microscope

Let me start off by saying that I think Starbucks Corp.(NASDAQ:SBUX) makes a great cup of coffee and provides a very good service. Having said that, I don't like the stock of Starbucks right now.

Today a monthly red Trade Triangle triggered, which is the first monthly Trade Triangle we have had in 14 months. This is a significant technical development and it indicates changes in the picture and direction of Starbucks and should not be ignored. Continue reading "Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ:SBUX) Under The Microscope"

Has Yahoo! Inc. (NASADAQ:YHOO) Lost Its Mojo?

Hello traders everywhere! Adam Hewison here, President of INO.com and co-creator of MarketClub, with your video update for Friday, the 17th of January.

The stock of the Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) has had enjoyed a spectacular rise under the leadership of Marissa Mayer over the last 2 years. After chopping around the $12 to $13 level for much of 2009 to 2011, Yahoo took off on September 5, 2012 from $16.37 and stayed in a strong uptrend. It made a high of $41.72 on January 8, 2014.

This analysis of Yahoo! Inc.(NASDAQ:YHOO) is not to say the stock can’t go higher, perhaps later in the year, but rather noting certain technical elements that are falling in place that do not look good for this stock.

What Does This Company Do?

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