Pendulum Experiment: The Weakest Metal Vs. The Strongest Future

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Dear readers, I hope things are good if you are short both top precious metals as per my Gold and Silver updates and you are enjoying the rising gains. As nothing unforeseen has been happening, let us do an experiment.

Do you know what a pendulum is and what the effect it has on an instrument? When something moves one way and then swings back and we push it harder forward, it will move back deeper for the distance that is equal to the distance between equilibrium and the forward point. Swings and waves are a normal part of our everyday life, and that is true for the markets as well. Continue reading "Pendulum Experiment: The Weakest Metal Vs. The Strongest Future"

Serious Headwinds May Put A Damper On The Market

By: John Kosar of Street Authority

All major U.S. stock indices posted gains last week except for the Russell 2000, which lost 1.2% and is also the only major index in negative territory for 2014. Despite the weakness in small caps, the broader market, as measured by the SP 500, has managed to rack up a decent 8.9% gain this year, largely on the back of technology issues.

The Nasdaq 100 is up 14.2% year to date. However, as I have been stating in this space for some time, if and when technology stocks stop leading, the broader market may be in for some significant problems over the near term.

Dow Makes New High, but Problems Persist

In last week's Market Outlook, I warned that the early September new closing high in the Dow Jones Transportation Average had not yet been corroborated by a new closing high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which, according to Dow Theory, was a red flag for the overall market.

That situation was averted last week by a new high in the industrials, clearing the way for more near-term strength in both indices.

But it may be too early to celebrate just yet, as potential problems continue to exist. Continue reading "Serious Headwinds May Put A Damper On The Market"