How You Can Take Your Trading To an Olympic Level

The average trader always has money on the mind.  Money,money, money.  A couple more points.  A sexy balance sheet.

That's also why they're average. The best of the best aren’t thinking about money at all. Let's use an analogy to prove this point.

What happens to an Olympian who's always looking up at the scoreboard or clock? They lose the puck, fall behind another skier, or miss their landing. What happens to the Olympian who is focused on improving their game, making the right pass, hitting the right turn, and nailing their landing? They win.

This is no different than trading. Money is the byproduct. We all know that. But focusing on the byproduct doesn't get you any closer to it. To take your trading to an Olympian level, you must remove yourself from the bottom line and focus on what makes you better. If you can't do that, go liquidate your brokerage account. You shouldn’t be trading. Continue reading "How You Can Take Your Trading To an Olympic Level"