Timing Your Way Into Big Moving Stocks

After many requests I've asked Michele Schneider, Director of Education and Research for MarketGauge.com and producer of Mish’s Market Minute back to enlighten us with a new video blog on timing. Watch as Michele shows  you how key reference points such as 3 Day Pivot Lows and Floor Trader Pivots, give you opportunities to identify when the big moving stocks are oversold. Tracking these reference points allows you to take advantage of buying great stocks with very little risk.

Enjoy the video by Michele by visiting this link.

A Triad of Commodity Based ETFs

The debate over whether we are headed towards inflation, deflation or stagflation is not likely to end soon. But the technical analysis video below, produced by Michele Schneider from Marketgauge.com, shows you triad of commodity based ETFs (USO, OIL, DBC) and how and WHAT to trade in any economic climate.


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Reverse Your Thinking and You'll See Markets More Clearly

Geoff Bysshe has been using volume analysis to find the best trading opportunities for 20 years. His experience as a floor trader, hedge fund manager, independent equity trader, and co-founder of MarketGauge, has taught him to make volume a focus in his trading.

I asked Geoff to put together a video presentation for us touching on what he calls “Volume Shortcuts” in which he demonstrates a whole new perspective on finding and defining trading opportunities. He explains…

Most traders look for price patterns to define trading opportunities. More experienced traders will add volume analysis to their patterns to enhance the quality of the trade set-up.

This process generally involves finding price action that meets certain criteria and then looking for the volume to “confirm” the price pattern. This is a time tested method of trading, but…

It is incredibly powerful to do the reverse – let volume patterns define your trading opportunities.

Watch this video to see what he means. It's 100% free and packs a TON of info into 13 minutes.

Enjoy the video and please comment below with your thoughts or opinions.

Finding next day trades with patterns

Today I have a special guest blog secession in which Michele Schneider, Director of Education and Research for MarketGauge.com and producer of Mish's Market Minute, shows you how to find trades for the next day based on specific patterns at the end of every day. She'll walk you through her complete analysis from stock selection to charting techniques to entries, exits and profit targets.

This is a VIDEO GUEST BLOG so you will need to visit this link in order to watch Mish's Market Minute.

Please enjoy the video as it was custom made just for our Trader's Blog Members.