Why the market rebound may be slower than the pros think.

One thing that I've been paying attention to more and more is the Forex markets. Honestly, over the past few months my attention has landed pretty squarely on Forex and how Forex reacts with the ebb and flow of the general stock and futures markets. Now one guy that I've been paying a ton of attention to (other then Adam as he's the published author and successful Forex trader) is Bill Poulos from ProfitsRun. I've been following him for a while personally and professionally, and can say without a doubt that he is the second best resource I have for Forex related questions! Yes SECOND best!

Regardless of that, I asked him to do two things for me today. First I wanted him to give away (for free) the Forex kit I paid for a while back. I was able to glean a TON out of information and again I paid for the "Forex 4-Pack" pack that he's agreed to give away for free.

Second I wanted him to explain why Forex is so hot and how we can benefit from the huge flow of liquidity thats moving into Forex. Check out the article below and get the Forex 4-Pack.

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If you've followed the stock markets (and really, who hasn't?), you've likely wondered where the buyers are when stocks are now at their lowest levels in decades.

One place money has been flowing to has been the Foreign Exchange (or Forex) -- which has grown rapidly in the last several years and is fast gaining wide popularity among traders.

Forex alone now accounts for more than $3 TRILLION in average daily turnover and shows little sign of slowing down.

What does this mean to you, the trader?

It spells opportunity. This is one of the best times I can recall to learn to trade and to start trading the enormously popular and potentially profitable Forex markets.


Because with the world's financial markets in turmoil, mega trends in the Forex markets have seldom been better. The pressures causing disruption in the stock markets around the world are also causing awesome trading opportunities in the Forex markets.

Keep in mind that with Forex, you don't need to wonder when the market will stop going down or when it will recover, or how long it will take. With Forex, the six major pairs are almost always up or down in what I call mega-trends, providing trading opportunities right here, right now.

The problem I see is that too many traders aren't sure how to take advantage of those opportunities, or how to spot those trades they could be making. Or, if you have never traded the Forex markets, people are wonder how they can participate? Still others worry about controlling risk or being able to capture a 'free' trade situation when trading these markets.

As of this writing, the U.S. Dollar has rallied against most major currencies. The continued economic fallout from the housing, banking and credit crises, major unemployment explosion and the ongoing recession have forced the U.S. government into unprecedented spending. That spending creates incredible inflation risk for the dollar, and could well send the dollar into a significant reversal. Regardless, the Dollar will continue to provide great trading opportunities versus the other major currencies time and time again.

Simply put -- as governments across the globe scramble to provide liquidity to credit markets and inject cash into their money supplies to refloat their economies, they will directly impact the value of their respective currencies as they relate to one another. This then acts to drive the six major currency pairs up or down, in very recognizable and tradable trends.

At the end of the day, economists and media gurus are all predicting what will happen to the economy, when the recession will end, when the stock market will "bottom" and recover -- but here's the thing: Forex traders don't have to wait for a recovery. Nor do they care, necessarily, when a recovery will come.

And because of that, I believe we are seeing more capital flight to Forex, which in turn is creating longer, stronger trends and better trading opportunities.

So, if you're already a Forex trader, you should recognize the impact all of this has had on trading currencies and focus on key trading elements:

- Risk Management
- Trend Identification (beginning and ending)
- Optimal Profit Strategies

If you're interested in Forex, but not yet trading it, or, not yet succeeding in it, you should take this time to LEARN to trade Forex with a solid trading method that teaches you:

- Why Forex is different
- How to trade
- Entry and Exit rules
- Risk Management and Capital Preservation

I think right now is one of the best times to begin trading or to learn to trade in the Forex markets because of the trends being driven by the economic turmoil around the world.

And that turmoil creates trading opportunities every day. If you've been missing those market-moving opportunities, don't miss another one!

Bill Poulos

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Major Shift in Markets Affects All Traders

I'm not sure if you've had a chance to check out any of the material from Bill Poulos from Profits Run, but he's normally right on with his techniques and analysis...almost as good as Adam!! He's a big fan of the video education, as we are, and today I've asked him for a favor. That favor is to come and teach us a little about how we ride these markets more effectively...and allow us to watch his 6 part video series on how to become a more independent trader. The videos can be watched HERE.


Today I wanted to bring to light a major shift that has occurred in the markets. One that isn't getting enough attention, but has the capacity to continue wrecking people's portfolios.

That shift is a movement away from traditional buy and hold investing and toward technical trading.

If you've watched the markets in recent weeks you already know that both the Dow and the S&P500 have traded in a very consistent but narrow range.

And, if you've been watching since late last fall when the markets suffered their worst fall since the Depression era, you would know that the people who are in control of their trading actions are the people less likely suffering from significant drawdowns. Conversely, those who adhered to long term investment strategies are looking at extreme timelines just to recover to a break even level.

Today I'd like to share with you where the shift is happening, and what you can do about it:

In the longer term investing model, money in the market would typically stay 'put' for several years (usually in the range of three to five years). That same money RIGHT NOW is moving in mere DAYS.

That suggests more traders using technical indicators to drive their actions in the market and fewer relying upon fundamental indicators. As well, the speed at which the market prices are moving dictates the need for AGILITY -- traders need to be doubly aware of their risk management practices and completely UNEMOTIONAL about executing them.

What you MUST do:

Get control right now of your portfolio by learning to become an INDEPENDENT trader.

I've found some individuals aren't prepared for this, because they're what I call "DEPENDENT" traders.

DEPENDENT traders rely entirely on the media to "spoon feed" them "market info" and "hot tips"... they still think holding on to a stock and praying for it to go up is the way to go... and they don't have a plan they can follow regardless of what the market does.

To help more traders get on the INDEPENDENT express, I recently re-released my 6-part COMPLIMENTARY video series which will help people to adapt and use a new approach to give them the flexibility required to prosper in today's markets.

I believe that right now is the time to attack the market, not run away from it. Even though the economy is in recession, you can prosper -- and in the complimentary video series, you'll learn 5 'recession-proof' trading attack plans you can execute RIGHT NOW to enhance ANY trading method at ANY time, in ANY market.

Watch the videos HERE

The bottom line, however, is simple: the markets have changed and those who adapt and change with the markets have the greater opportunity to prosper. Those who fail to adapt will likely be left behind.

Bill Poulos

How the Panic of 2008 is creating more wealth than ever in the Forex markets.

With Forex getting millions of hits on our site over the past few days I asked Bill Poulos from ProfitsRun to give us his opinion on the Forex markets. Bill has recently released a number of highly educational Forex videos and has over 30 years trading. Please enjoy the piece and watch his latest videos.


By now, everyone has been well-schooled by the media on how dire the economic situation is in the USA, as well as globally. A massive credit contraction is in the process of wreaking havoc on one and all. After almost 70 years of non-stop credit expansion, the party appears to be over.  The result is plunging stock markets around the world, a collapse in real estate prices, commodities, and even oil.  Unemployment is moving higher, retail sales are off significantly, and the media has now announced what we already knew months ago - the economy is in a recession.

Now, there is no denying that the situation is very serious and, of course, the government is doing everything they are capable of to stave off the contraction and the consequences of deflation.

So the prevailing mood is one of "doom and gloom" – it's in the air, in the print media, radio, TV – you are programmed to believe that you are a hapless victim that can only hope for the government to save you.

As for us investors and traders – the message is there is little you can do in this environment except wait for our stock portfolios to recover, which may take years.

I strongly disagree with this notion and here's why.

There is at least one market that offers significant profit potential right now, hour by hour, day in and day out.  Whether you are a day trader or an end of day trader.  And it should be no surprise that I am referring to the Forex market.

The Forex markets have always offered great profit opportunities, but these opportunities get even better in times like these.  You see, with all of these economic cross currents and pressures that are working against other investment vehicles, they actually drive even better profit opportunity than normal in the Forex market.

For example, since this past July, the dollar has been in an almost unprecedented rally against other key currencies offering the savvy trader terrific profit opportunities.  The EURUSD pair has fallen by 3500 pips or $35,000 per standard lot, the GBPUSD pair has fallen by 5000 pips or $50,000 per standard lot, and the AUDUSD pair by 3000 pips or $30,000 per standard lot.  So while other more traditional markets are being decimated, the dollar rally has offered great opportunity.  But only for those with eyes to see it and a trading method to take advantage of it.

Make no mistake, there is plenty of risk associated with the Forex markets and for that reason you must have a good trading method to guide your trading that puts risk management first and foremost – because without it, you will lose.  But to better put this into perspective, I often use the analogy of driving a car.  Driving a car without understanding the rules of the road and without experience would be a very dangerous thing to do.  But with the proper training and guidance, as you received when you first learned to drive, you were able to enjoy the benefits of driving by first paying attention to and controlling the risk of driving.  I think of Forex trading in the same way.

Whether you are able to trade a large account or small account, standard lots or minilots, the mechanics of Forex trading are quite straightforward and easy to do, again with the proper guidance.

I believe anyone who wants to ditch the "gloom and doom" scenario and take control of the situation has the opportunity to do so by mastering a good Forex trading method that puts risk management first and in the process go from reliance upon others to becoming an independent trader.

For an in-depth technical look at how to spot profit potential today in the Forex markets, click here for a free, 3-part video training series.

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

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