Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple Update

Bitcoin invalidated the short-term pattern posted last month as it pulled both sides’ triggers and then returned to the current equilibrium. The other large-scale pattern is good to go.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple Update - Bitcoin Daily Chart

I assumed that the right shoulder has been in progress with a possible spike to the upside. The price accurately followed that forecast as the price even surpassed the previous top to mirror the extreme in the left shoulder. Both shoulders peaked almost in the same area as the entire pattern aligns horizontally. Continue reading "Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple Update"

Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple

The bullish setup for Bitcoin that I discussed last week was not triggered, as the price did not break above the bullish confirmation level. The price went the opposite direction, falling beneath the invalidation trigger instead.

The key factors for the sell-off were the U.S. probe into the Binance crypto-exchange, and Tesla is reversing its stance on accepting Bitcoin. The green economy does not support Bitcoin due to its vast electricity consumption, which is generated primarily from fossil fuels.

Bitcoin Daily Chart

The combination of peaks in one area with the highest one in between has built the famous Head & Shoulders reversal pattern (orange). The main focus now is on the orange dotted Neckline as the price hovers around that support. A clear breakdown of it is needed for the pattern to play out. Continue reading "Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple"