The "World Cup Portfolio" returns to its winning ways in Q2

MarketClub's "World Cup Portfolio"(WCP - formerly World Commodity Portfolio)  returned to its winning ways in Q2 as the markets proved to be in a trending and profitable mode. Just as we predicted in our last report, Q2 put us into the black and on our way to a good year. The return for the quarter was 14% based on the $50,000 needed to fund the "World Cup Portfolio".

With the completion of Q2, we now have three solid years under our belt. The annual return using the "World Cup Portfolio" has produced a return on average of 227% per annum. While this is an amazing return, we do not think it is sustainable, nor should it be seen as a sustainable return in the future.

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It could be a perfect weekend for this particular trading rule

We published this trading rule on our blog almost 5 months ago, February 10 to be exact. You can look it up if you wish. With gold making all time highs on Friday, it seems like the perfect candidate for this rule. Just remember, there are no guarantees in trading.

I learned this rule over 3 decades ago in the markets from a low-key trader named Bill. Using his special trading technique, Bill made millions and millions of dollars from his office. The best part is that this technique is still working more than 30 years after it was taught to me and why I insist on sharing it with as many traders as possible.
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Q1: Gold vs. "World Cup Portfolio"

We began Q1 with high hopes of keeping our winning streak alive, just as we had finished out the year on a very positive note with some strong gains in Q4 of 2009.

Q1 proved to be a challenging quarter for the "World Cup Portfolio." Out of the six markets we track, we had winning positions in four markets (that's the good news) and losing positions in the other two.
However, the big disappointment in Q1 was the gold market which produced our biggest quarterly loss of any market since we began tracking the "World Cup Portfolio."

The main reason for this loss was the choppy, trend-less action in the gold market. In the eleven quarters we have been tracking gold, we have made money in eight of those quarters. This is not the time to abandon trading gold, rather it is a time to continue with our game plan and "Trade Triangle" approach that has been so successful for this portfolio. Furthermore we have never had back-to-back losing quarters in gold.

On the brighter side, the grain markets proved to be resilient and just the ticket as corn, wheat, and soybeans all put in positive performances. The only other market to put in a negative performance in Q1 was crude oil. Continue reading "Q1: Gold vs. "World Cup Portfolio""

Short Term Trader? Join us on Friday

If you're a trader who enjoys being active in the market without being a day trader, then Friday's webinar is for you. Join us this Friday, March 26th at 4PM eastern time as Jeremy Lutz, MarketClub expert, and I go over MarketClub's short-term trading strategy. Learn how to use our system for short-term trading: everything from which markets are best suited for this strategy, to scanning for trades, and when to exit and enter using our "Trade Triangle" technology.

Last week's webinar filled to capacity so we encourage you to visit this link and reserve your seat early. By attending this or any MarketClub webinar you are also eligible for our completely free one-week trial. Just email [email protected] or call our member service team today at 1-800-538-7424 or 410-867-2100 to get started and test this strategy yourself.

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"World Commodity Portfolio" Webinar - Register Now

Two weeks ago, MarketClub's "Perfect Portfolio" webinar drew over 1000 members and non-members alike who wanted to hear how they could use this diversified, ultra-conservative, long-term portfolio to reap profits.

This week, we're looking at another portfolio that we've been tracking for quite some time, and that is the "World Commodity Portfolio" (WCP). This portfolio looks at 6 diverse markets which are all traded on a shorter time frame than our "Perfect Portfolio".

You can read about the past quarterly results of this portfolio by clicking here or by selecting the WCP category on the right-hand side of the Trader's Blog.

If you're interested in attending this week's "World Commodity Portfolio" webinar this Friday, March 5th at 4pm EST, just click below to register:

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