Loving Our Community Via SCAN - INO Cares February 2015

INO.com President and MarketClub Co-creator, Adam Hewison, has loved the South County Assistance Network (SCAN) for years. He and his wife have made this their go-to charity, as it directly benefits members in their tight-knit community. SCAN, based in Lothian, Maryland, is an organization of individuals from the faith and business community who work together to provide assistance to those in need. Among their services, SCAN provides a food bank for county residents and assists with the payment of heating bills for community members in need during the harsh winter months.

Last year, Adam and INO.com Co-owner, David Maher, purchased food for SCAN. A few members of the INO family then delivered it to the food bank headquarters. Each giant jar of peanut butter was hand-delivered with love in hopes that it would provide nourishment to our neighbors. Continue reading "Loving Our Community Via SCAN - INO Cares February 2015"