How my worst trade turned out to be my best trade ever!

Today I’d like to share a hard, but important lesson I learned in my trading career. At the time I considered it my worst trade ever; in retrospect it turned out to be my best trade.

Here’s why…

I started in the commodities business as a broker for a company called Conti Commodity Services. Conti was a division of Continental Grain Co. one of the largest and oldest grain companies in the world. Back in the 70s, Conti was just starting a new division to handle customers in the brokerage business. I was lucky enough to have them hire me as I had no experience and very little education. But, I was enthusiastic and willing to learn.

So there I was at Conti Commodity Services dialing and smiling and looking to get business for myself and the company. All this was back in the 70s when grain prices were skyrocketing. After a brief time on the job I guess I thought I knew better than everybody else.

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