Will Political Headwinds For Biotech Subside In 2016?

Noah Kiedrowski - INO.com Contributor - Biotech

As the political cycle unfolded throughout 2015, the entire healthcare cohort posted shape declines, this was particularly true for the biotechnology sector. Using the iShares Biotechnology Index ETF (ticker IBB) as a proxy for the biotechnology sector, this cohort fell from $401 in July to $284 in September or alternatively a 29% decline. This shape decline coincided with heated political rhetoric aimed at the collective cohort of healthcare and more specifically biotech related companies. This cynical sentiment by political frontrunners was largely rooted in the pricing of drugs. As candidate threats via legislative action geared towards reining in the costs of drugs unfolded, these actions negatively reverberated through healthcare and biotech stocks alike. The political posturing surrounding potential plans to reign in drug costs are now largely priced into many stocks within the healthcare umbrella. I contend that after the recent sell-off the biotech cohort looks attractive at these levels. Once the political cycle is complete in 2016, these stocks will likely benefit from the mere absence of political headwinds. Additionally, as the candidate pools thin out many remaining candidates gradually move towards the middle to appease a broader audience. Taken together along with the difficulty of enacting any legislative action to regulate the industry this may represent a buying opportunity that’s been presented by extraneous political events. Continue reading "Will Political Headwinds For Biotech Subside In 2016?"