3 ETFs Every Investor Should Consider Owning

Matt Thalman - INO.com Contributor - ETFs

Every investor, no matter age, investing experience or portfolio balance should consider putting a large amount of their investable assets in one of these exchange traded funds.

For the majority of investors, the time and energy required to pick individual stocks for their own portfolio's is too much, not to mention the fact that individual stock picking can just be downright overwhelming. The amount of available information and decoding what it all means is very time-consuming and confusing. Plus, the idea that all your hard earned money is tied up in just a few stocks, which at any moment could dramatically lose value, is very frightening.

The best way to avoid the majority of these problems is by simply buying one or more quality exchange traded funds. ETF's offer investors with a very low cost, diverse portfolio and they don't require investors to follow them on a daily, weekly, or even quarterly basis. The right ETF's are really the closest things an investor can find to a "buy and forget about" investment.

Today I would like to talk about three of my favorite ETF's that any investor, no matter their age, income level, size of investment portfolio or investing experience, should consider owning. So let's take a look at what they are. Continue reading "3 ETFs Every Investor Should Consider Owning"