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A Better Way to Play Earnings Announcements

At Drift Trader, we add an extra layer of analysis onto a well-studied market phenomenon known as the post-earnings announcement drift (PEAD) to find stocks capable of significant price drifts.

As a subscriber, you'll see stocks with the potential for substantial price drifts in the days, weeks, and even months following an earnings surprise.

Join us now to see what stocks are drifting today!

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Weak drift strength gauge

Discover New Names

Uncover potential movers known to Wall Street, not Main Street.

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Follow With Ease

Clearly see a stock's drift strength with our easy-to-read gauges.

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Save Precious Time

We do the hard part of finding the drifts, so you can simply follow along.

Why Follow The Drift?

Most retail traders recognize that there is power in playing earnings, but a stock's price reaction isn't always obvious.

Take Limestone Bancorp Inc. (LMST), for example. After beating analysts' expectations by more than 100% in January of 2021, the stock barely budged.

However, over the next 34 trading days, LMST rose more than 29% - that's the drift!

It would take significant time and effort to locate these earnings surprises. Plus, even more, to analyze each stock for its technical ability to climb.

Drift Trader takes care of these critical tasks by finding stocks ready to move and measuring their drift strength. Follow along to capitalize on these post-earnings price moves!

Post-earnings drift for Limestone Bancorp (LMST)

Stocks Drifting Right Now

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Nine Energy Service

strong drift

Gain From Drift Alert
on 2022-11-08

+3.25 (45.01%)


Enel Chile S.A.

steady drift

Gain From Drift Alert
on 2022-10-31

+0.52 (32.58%)


Wabash National

strong drift

Gain From Drift Alert
on 2022-10-27

+6.01 (30.52%)


China Automotive Systems

strong drift

Gain From Drift Alert
on 2022-11-22

+1.52 (27.45%)

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