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As a trader, you know that research and trading tools can help you make better decisions and find new opportunities. The trading tools, reports, and educational resources below are some of the best and are absolutely free.

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Today's Top Forex Pairs

The foreign exchange markets never stop, and neither does this top forex pair list. See the pairs with the strongest-trending moves.


Options Boot Camp

Learn how options can help you ride big market swings while limiting downside risk with this mini options course.

Power Stock Strategy

In this free video, Trader Travis, the co-creator of MarketClub Options, will show how he generated a 738% ROI using this simple strategy.

Today's Top Optionable Stocks

This list shares the strongest optionable stocks based on trend, volume, price, and our proprietary algorithm.


Daily Market Analysis

Get our daily morning and evening analysis delivered right to your inbox, covering key events, technical setups, sector analysis, and more.'s Stock of the Week

Our analyst has uncovered a stock with massive growth potential. Get this week's pick now and a new pick every week.


Instant Trend Analysis Report

Analyze any U.S. or Canadian stock to see trend strength and MarketClub's last entry or exit signal. Request your report now.

Today's Top 10 ETFs

The future is looking bright for ETF investors! These exchange traded funds are strong-trending movers and could deliver significant gains.

Today's Top Penny Stocks

These stocks under $5 are showing breakout potential and could continue to climb right out of their penny stock status.

Today's Top Tech Stocks

Traders know that tech stocks offer incredible growth. See which 5G, semiconductor, biotech, VR, and AI stocks are preparing to climb today.

Trading Systems

Drift Trader - Start Your Test Drive

It's time to get smart about earnings announcements. See which stocks could drift in the days, weeks, and months following an unexpected surprise!


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