Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week

I wanted to extend a genuine thank you to the Customer Service Team here at INO.com. Although they don’t work directly with my advertising clients, they are the ones in the trenches supporting our MarketClub Members.

Since today is Customer Service Appreciation Week, I thought they were very deserving of a big shout out! I know your job is not easy. I know that customers aren’t always pleasant and you do your best to help them with a smile. I know that responding to hundreds of emails and calls a day can be a bit overwhelming, but you do a great job.

A company can not be successful and efficiently operate without the hard work of each department. The Customer Service Team is a valuable resource here at INO.com.

Our job functions may not cross paths often, but I am grateful for the job you do! Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week.

If your company has a Customer Service Team, give them an extra pat on the back today.


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.