Trader’s Blog Contest for February

Every trading year, there is one commodity that is king. By using the DOW AIG Indices, here are the commodity sectors that ranked as the top-performer each year for the last decade.

1999 - Energy
2000 - Energy
2001 - Precious Metals
2002 - Energy
2003 - Industrial Metals
2004 - Industrial Metals
2005 - Industrial Metals
2006 - Industrial Metals
2007 - Energy
2008 - Precious Metals

So this month's question is…

"What Will Be The Top Performing Commodity Sector For 2009?"

Just click comment and enter one of the following:

Industrial Metals  -  Energy  -  Agricultural  -  Precious Metals  -  Livestock


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How To Enter:

Comment on this post telling us what commodity do you think will be the superstar of 2009.


1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM on February 29th, 2009.

2. No wrong answers, any participation counts as an entry.

3. One entry per email address.

4. Winner will be picked by random integer software.

5. Winner will be contacted on Friday, March 2nd, 2009 via email.

Good luck!

198 thoughts on “Trader’s Blog Contest for February

  1. AG! Its fallen harder and is more volital than gold. If not this year, mabye next year on the upside. ie. Gold = 18-2200

  2. what happened to the recent 5/6 Tips from Market Club ?

    Ci,Hum,EMC,Wlp,AKam all in negative territory.

    Gold for while will increase rapidly, then as the 'bad news' on banks dissapates.

    1. Dennis,

      One day does not make a trade or a trend in the markets. All of the markets we looked at met the criteria of the trade triangles. This does not mean to say that all are going to be winners.

      As we have stated before diversification is the key to successful trading.

      Gold which had a huge move on Tuesday is doing very well for us.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. Energy and oil have to be the best bet because all the "in people" own it and monopolize the industry.

  4. Precious Metals, with the economy going down, the ever increasing bailouts earlier the Federal reserve and now government people are running scared to invest into anything metals. The DOW dropping and it is even becoming a risk to keep monies in Treasuries vs Gold.

  5. Precious metals.
    - throwing trillions dollars to save banks plus economic uncertainty + world economic crisis = boom in precious metals.

  6. I like Oil and Silver, but I think Oil could do more for "Energy", than Silver can do for "Precious Metals".

  7. Precious Metals will perform best--but we will need until the end of the year to see full appreciation of price.

  8. precious metals. possible lost confidence in fiat currencies and reversion to some form of gold standard.

    There is no doubt that due to the present nature of the market, energy is a safe investment for medium to long recovery

  10. Precious Metals.
    Cattle and livestock are dying all over the place due to starvation. Hype rinflation second half of 2009 will knock a whole lot of meat eaters out of the ring.
    Industrial metals will not be huge due to slow down, and mining of "waste" like Japan is now doing, mining electronic dump sites for residual metals.
    Agriculture, I see some advance but don't have my thumb on that pulse.
    Energy ... hmmm, could be very competitive with PM's.
    Final answer: PRECIOUS METALS !!

  11. ... I believe you will see a strong move up in all commodities by the begining of the third quarter.. OIL/Energy will have the largest % move.

  12. Gold for the first six month until we hit a deflationary risk, and I will pick Agriculture for the last part of the year as I believe the demand will increase significantly from China.

    my five cents...

    1. Did you see the Foxnews video about how the FED is printing money and Adams comments about the CRB? Combine the two and I don't see how you think there will be any MORE deflation. We're headed for a HUGE spike of inflation based on that information. Could you please explain further?

  13. AS The Depression deepens the shift will be to food products from precious metals which are being used at the moment to preserve capital
    there is never as much concern to save capital as to feed your family

  14. agricultural
    I think we are in for some unusual weather which will make agricultural prices soar.

  15. There is a common thhread - ALL things central to human existance - food/energy/commodities - as measured by the paper money system - hence precious metals.
    So as we all agree;
    A more meaningfull answer/question would be "what if anything would rise the most above gold" ????? and i include the dollar - who was it who thought the dollar would rise above oil/metals/food?? huhh

  16. In anticipation and actuality of inflation, we will experience the heavy buying of precious metals as a hedge and safeguard. I expect a peak in gold prices, for example, of $1400. to $1500. per oz. in this year alone. The following year, 2010, will see that price level maintained.

    1. How is gold a hedge against the dollar? I keep reading this thinking, but last I checked the dollar hasn't been backed by gold since 1965. You can own all of the gold you want, but you can't spend it anywhere in the US. If we're really headed for a deep dpression, and nobody has the cash to buy your gold, then gold is really of no value either.

  17. Precious Metals -

    As I understand it - The Trade of the Decade is - "Sell stocks on Rallies and buy Gold on Dips" Guess what? This has been the winner!

  18. I agree with Vince. I think the Precious Metals sector has the overall advantage.

  19. The consensus seems to be energy. Though there are important factors that will make AGRICULTURE the best performing commodity in 2009 including potentially bad weather caused by la nina, less planting due to prevailing high fertilizer prices and consumer's inelastic demand when it comes to food.

  20. Energy- if the markets settle and sentiment turns to the growth requirements to come rather then the demand destruction that has occured.

  21. Agriculture. The demand for this will not go down as much as others in recession to spawn over next 3 years.(for a 5 year cycle). Expect a dip in SPX in July-Sep this year, a peak next year May-Sep and then back down again.

  22. ENERGY!!!!

    Oil will be back above $130 by December of this year. gas will be around $3.00 a gallon

  23. Given the massive dilutions of our currency, the top commodity can only be: Precious Metals.

  24. Energy
    By a long shot is the most compelling subject on the tradeing world's
    hot list. It drives every market, it's cost effects every aspect of buisness IMHop

  25. I agree with Carol Ferguson Energy/oil will have the largestpercentage gain on the upside, I think the oil is around its bottme.

  26. That really depends on what you mean by top performing. Do you mean with the most upside potential, or the most profit potential for traders?

    Picking profit potential, Energy will run away with the prize in this contest, just like it has the past 2 or 3 years. Volatility in oil has surpassed of all of the precious metals, and if you've trade the trend in oil, you've made more profit than any other commodity.

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