Is China Behind North Korea’s Aggression?

What do you think is going to happen between North and South Korea? Is China the puppet master behind this escalating global crisis?

Is China Behind North Korea's Aggression and Testing the United States Support of South Korea?

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66 thoughts on “Is China Behind North Korea’s Aggression?

  1. It is a game of Chees...Tiwan to return back to China...North Korea,the regim will collaps...sorry I dont mean it truely...It is Chees Game.

  2. china has mastered the art of being communist and being a major player in the free marked,it is invested in keeping the status quoe. at this rate it has the US right where it wants us,they own our debt,maipulate their currency to get an edge in the free market,keeping the korean peninsula divided inhibits it from reaching its full potential.whilesome people might think china would be involved in this incident i highly dout china wants to risk commercial ties with he US and other aisian markets.while provoking south korea to attack its neighbor to the north and even possibly risk losing the north to democracy and lose all its stature in the world.I think the only problem china is worried about is that now that the reforms on the military are going to take in effect in south korea are going to seriously limit what the north can get away with i think that even a small military comfrontation will spell all out war and if north korea wants to go rouge on china it will have some serious deliberations to take into account.

  3. It's just Kim trying to get attention for himself and his heir his son. The North Koreans are starving for food to care much about anything...

  4. i cant help you Doug, Go to It is a conservative website so dont read to much, sounds to me you have a problem with truth. I have found over the years that these so called conspircy theory are, in fact the truth or close to it. i don't believe an aircraft could take the twin towers and melt steel with kerosine. Washington DC is surrounded by jet fighters and they stood down. Every traffic controller in the east coast knew the aircraft were captured by terrorists, it was reported by the crews and there was plenty time to launch an interception even from the midwest. It was reported by countless firemen and police the towers had explosions that took the down, the aircraft was just an add on for dramatic effect. Building 7 was not hit and fell in the dark. find out who had the contract for the security of the towers , who was also the contractor for reagan airport in DC they are the same. And his contract expired a couples the days before the attack in both places. One of the planes flew out of DC. His name rhymes with the president at the time. they never found the flight recorders at the the towers, that is also a lie and an impossibilty, it never happened before. just like building 7, they government said that in the report--first time in history-they dont know why it fell. the fires could have put out, no problem, they let it burn a little and then set charges in it. Check out what was in the building, who occupied it.? what did Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before. then you know why there where waste paper fires that you could have spit on to stop the fires. the last plane was blown out of the sky, i have seen enough crashes to know there are always bodys , which they claimed they didnt find, just a few body part. I was in the air force, that doesnt happen, unless you are shot down. If you listen to the tapes or the air controller asking about the order you will find who ordered it and when asked again if the order has cancelled or stood. he said you have the order-it stands. The owner of the twin towers tripled his investment for the property, and was informed they were going down, He double insured the property the day before. the government did it. there are countless acts by the government to cover up or eliminate people--Ron brown, the lawyer of Mrs. Clinton. police officers to give testimony in court, A ton of security personal for president Clinton were murdered. People run off the road that flew bill clinton around. A complete security group lost all at once on the at the same time in a C-130. you have no idea what the USA government will do to cover up for embarassing situations. thats why they want this wiki guy in prison, along with the kid that took the documents in solitary confinement for weeks. 4 commercial airliners went down in a month around NYC, that doesn"t happen either and lies about the circumstance and eye witnesses not allowed evidence, photos. Dead past presidents like Kennedy were not even him. windshields with bullet holes that disappear in hours. Cheap rifles that would be impossible to load and shoot 4 times, missing bullets. I have seen missing ships, submarines, fighter aircraft, etc

  5. China is putting itself in a position of suspicion due to it's refusal to allow it's currency to fluctuate according to market conditions, and doing all in it's power in an attempt to nullify a financial policy (partially required due to the fiscal policies of China) but one that is important to the success of the United States (QE2). That's enough for people to consider that China may have a role in the current political issue between North and South Korea. Perhaps they have none, but the suspicion is there regardless for reasons stated.

  6. Adam, Wikileaks has your answer.

    BEIJING – China knows less about and has less influence over its close ally North Korea than is usually presumed and is likely to eventually accept a reunified peninsula under South Korean rule, according to U.S. diplomatic files leaked to the WikiLeaks website.

  7. This is all seeming like tinfoil hat stuff to me.

    How again do you know it wasn't one of our missiles, or for that matter, anyone out there who can launch one; doesn't narrow things down too much, does it? And that it was even on purpose? I doubt we'll hear the truth about it anytime soon if my own experience from times when I was "in the loop" is still worth anything. Things like this happen -- someone makes a phone call and says, in 1 minute we're going to launch if you want to watch it, we know your spy satellite #xyzzy is right overhead now -- to send a real message to someone else -- money talks, and those things aren't cheap. And that's the end of it, it never becomes public unless a wikileaker somehow finds out -- although I don't like the idea of them endangering people, lets look at who is really endangered here.

    A bunch of now very upset public officials around the world for having their true thoughts revealed, along with how basically incompetent and dishonest they are.
    Of course they're going to spin it however they can as "bad" because it is -- for them, not us, who get to see a little of the duplicity done in our names daily.
    And some of their honest takes on one another, which I for one find amusing and which somewhat ring of truth.

    Their fear of course, is that we'll wake up and toss the bums out. How you do that with civil servants is of course an issue worth considering.

    I know of amateur rocket clubs that could launch such a missile if they wanted to, I'd have to fish for a link to their videos, which are hard to find as they just want to play with rockets without having the government shut them down, They work mostly in the desert in this country for that reason -- they make videos and sell them to other club members, which I've seen. Some really impressive stuff gets put up by hobbyists -- and I mean like tens of feet tall and a couple feet wide, nearly all propellant -- looks just like that launch. Maybe someone pulled a practical joke?

    Probably not, but you get the idea -- no knowledge is not something to base accusations on, and accusations can take on a life of their own and make danger where none existed before. Not smart.

    Heck, I do thermonuclear fusion in my lab (see link on my name), about 10 feet beneath where I sit now on the floor below -- that's a lot closer to brain surgery than mere "rocket science" is -- it's far from unbelievable that any number of entities could have done that as a goof. Or that someone made a mistake during a drill, or that someone used it (with warning) to point something out to some other country. In the absence of any real information, you can't say. And you shouldn't make things up, it's dangerous.

    I do sort of like the idea that maybe NK is testing China's backing, here...those guys are that crazy, it fits their profile. There is a ton of hatred between N and S Korea too, that doesn't seem to be diminishing. A scientist I used to work with had been under the house floor when the NK's killed the rest of his family. He could never get a stereo hooked up again correctly for the rest of his life. Because we use "red" for the right channel, and "white" for the left -- mentioning it to him would create shouting about NO, LEFT IS RED!! And it took awhile to calm him back down.

  8. Hmm lets see....

    Mad dictator with basket case economy in charge of a million plus highly trained troops, zillions of high tech missiles, a hardened nuclear bunker and state of the art atom plant. Not sure I'd pick that toy out of the toy box even if I was China.

  9. You people don't know the history. The UN sent troop from US and UK to protect SK. Korea was a blood bath. We lost 50,000+, GIs in 10 years in Nam, that was a cake walk. We lost the same amount in 1 year in Korea. 300-400 thousand Chinese came to help NK. they had 400, 000. The Un troop had air support using World War 2 Mustangs. HK had Canons on all their hills and held the high ground. The NK had hundreds of brand new Migs, jet fighters. We got as ass kicked and driven to the sea. The south Koreans were butchered by the NK. Every last soul were in the streets, no one was spared. 1,000,000 machine gunned NK and Chinese against a unarmed South Koreans population, with only a handful of UN troops with M-1 rifles and a few tanks. Inform yourselves. Truman, would not use nukes, and the enemy knew that. Obama has told the world we will never use nukes. Get out your pea shooter guys.

  10. Has anyone considered the supposed jet contrails off the coast of California? They were not contrails, it was a dude Chinese missile that was launched so the Chinese could test their electro magnetic pulse capabilities against the U.S. took the U.S. Navy 11 hours to respond, proving to the chinese that their new weapon could disable any American Naval capabilities long enough to destroy them. This took place at about the same time as NK's attack on SK. NK's attack was a simple distraction while they tested their weaponry. The Chinese are displaying their military might while displaying their economic might at the same time. They want the world, including the U.S., to know that they are they ruling world power now! The U.S. better bring the jobs back home fast as a matter of national security. No jobs means no taxes. No taxes means an inability to support the military and no ability to protect Americans. Read between the lines with common sense before you spew your uneducated ignorance.

  11. Obama denies he know any other language but English speaks perfect Arabic and gave an spoke indonesian on his trip to students, that was never shown here. i have seen him burning churches after his cousin lost an election in Kenya and inciting riots with a megaphone to the muslims. he has admitted 3 times on interviews taped on u tube he is muslim. i have seen him speak in both. He flat out lied when asked. Get with the program, he is a pathological liar., fraud.

  12. Things go missing all the time, testimony in senate hearings gets taken off, all the time. i am driving an older Apple, i have been trashed so many times i stopped counting. It started when he was running, and its worse now. He controls what can be read about him. i was amazed that even news programs on the major networks wipped off. that story ran two days with dozens of picture that missile, try u-tube there were many photos of it. One testimony concerned the reason why the no one look into the impact to the gulf i loss of income to the fishermen. They showed the government answer, there was no sound at all. they garbled the testimony a senator had on his website. they can shut down anything, and do. So much for transparency, its a joke. who authored the health bill? know ones.

  13. Just checked and web news has been scrubbed...No more NBC video links for California coast ICBM launch available. This is actually more disturbing than the launch event itself. Was never into conspiracy theories...Thank you Wikileaks! It's obvious that we need you.

  14. Hi Elvis, Can you please provide a link where it is indisputably proven that it was a Chinese ship that fired the rocket near LA? It seems like Tin hat stuff, just as Doug pointed out, or at least a Glenn Beck thing, where he says something and has no proof what so-ever like Obama's 4 billion dollar trip. Also, the question was is China testing the West by proxy of NK, or is it a NK vs SK event.

  15. Hi Hewison,
    since you have a knack for commodity and forex and the like, posing a question like this does get the viewing traffic, but starting at square one at late stage of this intl politics is exhausting yet yielding too precious analyical isnight, even by news media standard. What do you think?


    1. 8ball,

      Thanks for your input into this blog.

      The Chinese say "May you live in interesting times". Well, we are certainly in interesting times right now.

      All the best,

  16. I somehow missed the news that this missile was a Chinese one. Link? Or is that just tinfoil hat stuff?
    Even if it had been one of ours, the Pentagon would probably have denied it...normal for them, and better to keep one's adversaries in the dark when possible, or send a message when not.

    Initiating a nuclear war with anyone, much less an enemy who has them too and allies who also do is gawd-awful dumb. For everyone. As Asimov said "nuclear weapons are not suitable for conquest on one's own planet". And a great deal of our troubles now are related to throwing our military weight around as is.

    Sometimes the best thing to do with a spoiled brat is just let them wear out.

  17. We who fought for freedom know the feeling that the protected will NEVER know. If we are so bad why is it that millions want to come here and thousands would like to see us blown off the map ?

  18. The inaction of a president to defend this county,s boarder form invasion by any foreign national, from the south by Mexico and many other nationalities, terrorists enemies from the middle east, and they government has a a list of them. The Canadian boarder has been breeched as well. The FBI, was informed of a crossing by ferry, leaving a a female boarder guard to arrest them. And the inaction from a 9-5 alien as president playing round ball on his days off, has proved he has not honored his oath to defend this country, this is called Treason. He must be removed at one, tried and hung, if found guilty. This is a threat to every American.

  19. Dear Leo: You need a see a doctor. A week ago , 35 miles LA from a Chinese shot a missile from a submarine. Those waters are US waters, not international, The military said they knew nothing and lied about it being a jet contrail, The illegal president never even commented on it and whimped out like nothing happened. The NK sunk a SK ship of war a month ago, We did nothing to assist an friend of some 70 years, There are 50,000 dead American buried there. We have dead marines again when NK fired at an SK island. Leo: think about your statement ( they are "non confrontational in nature") you are one of thing things Leo---none of which you would care to be called. A Chinese ship of war shooting missiles in our waters is an act of war. It should have been attacked and destroyed. The shelling of SK was an act of war. The shelling of a SK island is an act of war. The American marines killed by NK is an act of war. This ain't like throwing bean bags or spit-balls. Failure to answers these actions is a disgrace to every dead American trooper who fought for this country. A disgrace to every American in the past and here now. It calls for retaliation, Nk is a nuclear power, so is China because of that fact, we should loud up our nukes and turn NK into glass. Problem solved, as for China, they will under stand that message! HOORAH

  20. Recent Chinese actions bring out this suspicion in many of us.
    Who of you remember China launching an ICBM just off South California coast 2 wks ago???
    Everyone saw it. Our gov't with help from our free media did good job of damage control.
    The world just got a little more dangerous since Wall Street blew up our economy.
    We need to rebalance our world trade because we can't aford it anymore.
    This means China will loose advantages which got her here economically.
    She hopes these warnings will distract us into not acting on trade.
    This is just another volley of many to come. What's next?? Anybody??

  21. The last few comments have it closer to real. China has enough problems just now, and really didn't need this to be happening. They have been harsher with N K than usual, not that it's all that harsh, but a step in the right direction, actually.

    What does some nut mean "bring NK's economy to their knees" mean -- that would be a large step up -- they're on their face now. And this is an issue with China, who really doesn't need or want a flood of immigrants from there -- one reason the prop those losers up at all. The other reason is a buffer zone from a "friendly" state on their border, but one senses a bit of exasperation on China's part at this point. For them, this is a distraction from things they'd rather be doing, and brings unwelcome risks and scrutiny.

    They don't want our military right on their border, fearing not an attack, but our intelligence gathering we bring to the table -- pot, meet kettle.

    Presidents are always being tested, no matter who they are or what country they "run". Our current one is easy pickings, but again nothing special.

    NK is playing the "I'm going to be really annoying until you pay me to stop" game -- this is nothing new at all. They will extract some aid, and promise this and that, and break the promises before the ink is dry, again -- we've been around this loop dunno how many times, and if you can't see it, you're not paying attention. Name a treaty they've not broken -- just one! You can't.

    Further, they are playing a game that's also being played in countries all over the world -- that of making (or even inventing from whole cloth) some external enemy to create fear in the populace to keep their government in power. I'd name some countries it's going on in now, but it'd be easier probably to name the few that aren't playing it.

    Russia -- remember how they didn't want us to have a missle defense right next to them? If you know the tech and physics, it would have had no effect on their missles, you can't catch them from behind. But....start a fuss, and guess who stays in power?

    War on terrorism ring any bells?

    Israel and the Palestinians have this one down and have managed to perpetuate it indefinitely. Of course, there are some semi-legitimate beefs on either side there.
    But there always are.

    Most people don't want war, fear, terrorism -- it's our collective governments that create this stuff to keep themselves in power. Wake up, Sheeple!
    This came home to me when I worked as an analyst in the "intelligence community" and had access to the *real information*. It's not the people themselves who make these problems, they just want to be left alone to prosper in their own ways, in the main (there are always a few wackos). But if you scare them enough, they will put up with a more repressive government more easily, so it's done, a standard trick -- you'd bet that when world leaders get together over drinks, they have a big laugh about how gullible we all are.

  22. I agree there are too few options in the poll. Are the USA behind South Korea firing into the North's territorial waters? Probably!
    Obama must ignore the hotheads (some of whom have commented above)and tread very carefully.

  23. This is all part of a geo political game. If South Korea does not hit back, then it was all planned out. CHina is hoping that even though they have 2. 5 trillion that somehow the broke Western powers will print more money and send it to North and South Korea to keep peace. Best solution is for South Korea to strike back in a precise manner, and for North Korea to apologize, and end the story by the end of the year. South Koreans will be proud, North Lore will save face by administering peace after being attacked. China and U.S. can laugh it off. Russians will give their bane speeches, and on to the next event. Isn't it almost time for Iran to get back in the news.

  24. N. Korea is like China's crazy cousin. Keep them in the attic so no one sees them. But, they are heard by others due to thumps and bumps and screams and moans. Of course N. Korea is merely carrying out diversions on the behalf of China. How else would they get support for all their equipment and technology?

  25. Just another of US plot to sell more arms abroad. Its easier and more profitable than selling iphones and also made in USA.

  26. How come no option for 'US and South Korea trying to test resolve of North Korea'?

    If some people can setup everything just to sting some kid, they can setup a lot of others like take-down of Building 7 on Sept 11.

  27. Adam
    I don't agree with using Market Club as your Political venue. We all know that global events affect the US stock market, but your blog has gone too far. Let's keep Politics where it belongs and go back to blogging about the financials. Stop speculating about things you know nothing about and get back to stocks and the financial markets.


    1. Mike,

      I appreciate and respect your viewpoint.

      We can respectfully disagree on this point. These events are major and effect everyone of us. To ignore something like this which in my opinion is far more serious than the debt of Greece, Ireland and the rest of those broke countries, would be like burying our head in the sand and hoping everything is going to be okay.

      As investors we need to have an idea of the landscape and unfortunately that does include the world in which we live. I too wish it could just be affected by the supply and demand side of trading. This is not however the world we live in, as things are continuing to escalate around the globe with sovereign debt and unfortunately saber rattling.

      All the best,

  28. Never,China/US will start or wish to start or to have an open war with US, since the Universil Economy is really in the Hands of US,the reason is very simple will be the end of distruction of the World ... But,as perhaps as Jesus expressed that I will come again withen the distructions of the humanity...Love World...Love Humanity.

  29. Why do you care, we all gone be under China regime in few years anyways. As long LOBBYING in this country is allowed and not treated and punhised as CORRUPTION the chinese government walks through like a snake, silently and mortal, with the help of the major corporations that do not pay a dime in taxes in USA soil, what do you expect, miracles? God took vacations long time ago, can not help nor is strong enough to fight the chinese,plus how many chinese spies are in American soil already (9 out 10?)seeding their future control? And, it does not even matter which way you vote, they all the same up there in Washington, so good luck to all of us.

    Los Angeles

  30. China certainly has influence over North Korea. If US is serious about peace, she must behave herself. Do you think China will help if US is interfering into Taiwan? Us is really a troublemaker because what business US has to show force right in front of North Korea and China.

  31. Could it be possible that North Korea is actually testing China's resolve in backing them? It is hard to believe that China really wants to take on the US and the western world at this point-especially over something as truly inconsequential as North Korea. We are becoming so tied together now, that conditions that existed in the 50's are no longer compelling. The North Koreans are starving. China does not seem to be completely leaping into that breach with food.We think that North Korea is on the verge of having nuclear capabilities, but isn't quite there yet. Isn't this a strange time to start a dust up?

  32. China supports North Korea in an effort to maintain stability, it is not interested in stirring up DPRK aggression towards USA. What is happening presently in the North is all about leadership change and a power struggle.

  33. China is testing the U.S., but not by giving orders to North Korea. China is delaying acting to reign in North Korea because:
    1) there is not just one power base to deal with
    2) they want to see how the U.S. handles this

    The U.S. might
    1) invite Chnia to place an observer on the U.S. ships in the excersie (so that North Korea thinks twice about attacking them) and
    2) publicly thank China for promising to reign in North Korea. It does not matter if they actually promise that, but by publicly thanking them for doing something, the Chinese risk losing face by not doing it.

  34. What a ridiculous conspiratorial poll question! North Korea is run by a megalomaniac. A better question would be "Do you think China is doing enough to stop the behavior of North Korea?" You could ask the same question regarding Iran. For that, I agree with this --

    "U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that China is the key to resolving the conflict, but said the country is "not behaving as a responsible world power."

    "They could bring the North Korean economy to its knees if they wanted to. And I cannot believe that the Chinese should, in a mature fashion, not find it in their interest to restrain North Korea. So far, they are not," McCain said.

  35. Charles,

    the Korean peninsula conflict is a left over from the Allies (mainly US and Russia) division of the conflict zones of the Second World War and setting the stage for ensuing cold war politics in which the US, Russia and China were all involved in self interested constructions and interventions which continue today.
    Don't just repeat back the managed public statements that one side is just a bunch of loonies so you don't have to apply critical thought to events.
    Do some background research to understand the motivations behind the conflict. This is still the past playing itself out. Recently the Russians fessed up to Katyn Wood. In comparison have you heard of the Bodo League massacre.
    None of the powers is entirely innocent.

  36. It seems that S. Korea fired first.
    I don't trust the western media and that's based on past experiences, Vietnam, Iraq, .....

  37. Typical Communist Sabre rattling from a rogue nation to keep their people brainwashed to their idealogy and tyrannical regime.

  38. Not a proper poll as there is no option for North Korea testing US resolve to continue with it's brinkmanship military exercises.

    As it is the only options are for the two client states or the two superpowers.

  39. china tells north korea to chill out before north koreas overly aggressive actions brings all the market down ! duh its all about money and politics

  40. China has been behind North Korea from the beginning of the Korean conflict in the 50's up to this recent fiasco.

    There was over 100,000 Chinese troops that took part in the Korean conflict and no one even our OWN government would acknowledge that fact when it was taking place.

  41. Gentlemen,

    The intransigence of North Korea Has gone on for too long. Even if China is behind North Korean shananigans, they should be put out of thier misery with a few stratigically placed neuclear strikes and settle the issue once and for all. Disarm the nation and bring it under South's control and western economic progress. Though this may endanger the world peace it may be the only solution available to the West. Years of sanctions has not brought much progress impopvershing the nation. It has not proven what lagitimacy North Korea has for being a neuclear power making threats when its own population has starved and remain impoverished and isolated to become a new threat. The same goes for the Middle East - Iran. General MacArthur was not far off the mark!

    The pity of it all is that the US has degraded itself time and again through its follies becoming an effete power not supporting its colonial past to bring peaceful trnasformation though it succeeded with the Atlantic charter and the good grace of FDR. It also brought genocide WARS in Africa and other places. If America wants to assert its influence on other nations, it has to set its own house in order first. Once a neuclear power, there is no telling which way the new participants will act. We avoided total annihilation during the cold war while Russia showed some humanity. Will others do the same? Will US prevail over this madness? The West has to show some semblance of unity yet be cruel to be kind. Not any different when the first bomb on Hiroshima was dropped.

    I am sure there are many pros and cons to this issue while we remain hostage at the mercy of tin pot dictators.

    Bill N.

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  43. Hi Adam,

    Once again, I don't understand how a poll like this helps anyone make money, altho for some it may be a fun thing to do as a social activity. For argument's sake, let's say that the right answer really is that China is indeed testing the U.S. So what? We are then exposed to yet another set of what if's that could happen and even more ways to "possibly" profit if.....and on and on ad nauseum!

    Might I suggest that you identify these types of Traders Blogs by maybe inserting the word Poll as in "Traders Blog Poll...". That way, those of us who are not interested will not have to waste any time. No matter what the outcome, I promise not to waste anyone else's time by responding in the future with my ideas regarding the value of these sorts of polls.

    Thanks as usual for your continuing consideration and efforts on our financial behalves.

  44. I think China's stake in the U.S. is to big for them to pull a stunt like this. However I keep a open mind about China they are sneaky and there Communist.

  45. This is a great ?.

    Very well could be a tit for tat result of QE2. There are more ways then one to "wage war" and China via its artificially low yuan value has been waging war on the US for a long time.

    Makes me wonder just what the hell was Nixon thinking way back in the day when he "opened" China up to us. In the long run it opened us up to China more then it opened China up to us.

    When I was growing up most things said Made in USA or Made in Japan on them. Now everything says "Heche in China"

    Our government better get its act together and return to pro-biz and pro-tech R&D in a big way or this "stinking, sinking SHIP" is going down faster then the RMS Lusitania.


  46. Chinese economist appointed to IMF. China will bail out Europe. China will intervene as face saving in peninsula quandry. China hence thrust into world status. NK generals have been coming to the US in exchange programs for years. Their writings have portrayed China as THE world superpower economically and militarily for years. Now realization. DC has been too corrupted to make any difference whatsoever. Our military isburnt out equipment-wise save for the Navy! All NK missiles are pointed at Seoul. The dialogue on a NY Times board is all nuclear crap. The real issue is the NK military size, standing forces, traditional weaponry and really biological and chemical. To really resolve this issue release the failed Wall Street banksters into China to runtheir finances into oblivion.Then China cannot afford to continue to build the military tiger of the 22nd century.

  47. Why are you assuming that the aggression is from North Korea? No sympathy for that regime on principle but in this particular incident, the South Koreans started a live fire exercise in a long disputed area. By anyone's standards, that is a provocation. What did they think would happen? The North Koreans asked them to stop and the South Koreans did not. Then the North Koreans opened fire.

    If this involved anyone besides the North Koreans, the discussion would be about why the maneuvers and live fire had to be conducted in a disputed area.

    How could China get the South Koreans to conduct such an exercise?? If anything, the question should be what role did the US have in setting all this in motion.

  48. The Chinese are a non-confrontational culture. They would rather smooth things over than be an instigator. They want to dominate the world financially not militarily. If Chinese military aggression ever becomes a reality it will be due to:
    1) Resource needs i.e. lack of oil.
    2) A dramatic amount of internal unrest due to high unemployment, which would inadvertently be blamed on the West/America.
    3) An impingement on it's sovereignty vis-a-vis US backing of Taiwan.

    None of these conditions currently exist, thus N. Korean aggression is just N. Korean aggression. Note today's Times article which reports that China is trying to setup 6 party talks (

  49. It doesn't matter what I think. How could I possibly be factually informed about this? Opinions based on hunches and emotional reactivity only lead to mistaken actions and dire consequences. Speculating on motives is no substitute for actually communicating with the other party.

  50. In a country with an ostensibly civilian leader and the fourth largest military in the world, whom is the puppet and whom is the puppet master? For the military to stay relevant and the public to be distracted, particularly during a period of tension and/or leadership transition with public attention focussing on that issue, the military should be expected to do some sabre rattling, or start a war. After all, it has always worked in the past (think Thatcher's Britain and the Falklands, or the United States and any number of "interventions" including Bush's Iraq).

    What I find interesting is that members of the "Empire of the United States" believe that the world must revolve around them. There is any amount of literature out there on how past empires have been destroyed from within by paranoia and intrigue. Why would China want to rattle sabres with the USA when they are quite capable of building their economy and military without external distractions. One arguement I have read includes China's desire to prevent a united western friendly Korea on their doorstep. This must be because Hong Kong, India, Laos etc are such a disaster for them.

  51. China has NOTHING to gain by flexing musceles wether its their own or someone elses. Its a KIM Korea thing. The north has NEVER accepted defeat or surrender. And they did not really accept the conitions that stopped the fighting. The north never did stop fighting. China is greedy... they want MONEY !

  52. Very curious, that over half seem to think China is behind this little flap. Is it really likely that China would risk their most favored trading partner status by offending their all-time no.1 paying customer? How smart would it be for the Chinese to chance sanctions or even a trade embargo on getting a limited peek at US response strategy? Neither one of the Korea's has much of anything that either China or the US wants. If China wanted to gain military intelligence about the US, why wouldn't they try to cause a problem in the Middle East where for both securing oil supply is sure to be more and more contentious in the future. China's only international beef now is over Taiwan and even that isn't causing much of a stir. I think this is just Kim Jong Il teaching his kid to ride a bicycle, North Korean style.

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