13 thoughts on “Afternoon Market Update (Tuesday 4/5/11 – Video)

  1. Adam,

    On the futures charts, does each candlestick represent the open and closing price in the pits? In other words, for copper, say, open would be 7:10 AM and close would be 12:00 pm (Central time)?

    Or is Globex factored in and the close for copper would be 4:15 PM and new opening at 5:00 PM (Central)?


  2. Hello Adam,
    I live in Turkey. I am very glad to hear your comments which are very useful.Thank you vry much.

  3. Adam,
    I had heard you were growing the range of stocks you cover so its great to hear London listed stocks are at least in your plans. I have been thinking of joining the club for just over a year and such an inclusion would certainly swing it for me & no doubt many others!
    Best wishes,

    1. Ken,

      I hope this spurs us on to get that feed up for you and our European viewers. The ASX is the next feed to go live on MarketClub.

      All the best,

  4. Adam,

    Have you checked out your old friend Molycorp (MCP) lately? Thanks for the heads up...I think it's up 36% in a month.


  5. Adam,
    I have been watching various videos & have trialled the triangle system on a few small cap American stocks to test it out. This lastest mid-week analyses was very clear and concise in illustrating the power and use of the trade triangle system. Thanks very much. One question, as I am based in Scotland my general trading/investing is on London listed stocks I believe the system MC does not as yet incorporate London market stocks, am I correct?
    Please keep up your education it really is good.


  6. Adam,

    Thank you for these market updates. They assist me a great deal during the day.


  7. Adam,

    Love these updates! Thanks. This format also works for those of us with questionable Internet speeds -- my "high speed" Internet here in the middle of nowhere depends on a couple dishes on my house and another couple strategically placed on the tops of surrounding mountains.

    Because of my slow Internet speed, I can't download or watch INOTV before it times out, but this format works perfectly.


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