19 thoughts on “Afternoon Market Update (Wednesday 4/6/11 – Video)

  1. Hi Red44,

    In response to your question about getting alerts when the new videos go up, make sure you are subscribed to the blog alerts. You can do this by just submitting your email address in the box which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the blog page.


  2. Adam,

    I like these daily updates while the market is open! I think this could end up being one of the most popular features on the site, with all sorts of possibilities as to what you cover. On a day like today with another earthquake and wild market swings, I would be interested in getting your perspective.

    I haven't checked each day so missed some of them until afterward -- is there a way to get an alert when these are posted?

  3. Can you get the market update in real time?
    Can the ATR be used on top of chart and not just under chart.
    How can I watch the TV show if I miss it? Thanks

    1. Marc,

      Certain markets on the market cloak our real-time. They are forex and precious metals. To answer your other question about the ATR has to go under the chart. Last question, we rebroadcast the show on this blog later that evening or in the morning.

      Thank you for your feedback.


  4. hello,
    thanks for this videos.
    It sure is a gread idea to do these, and they help me a lot to understand whats going on the markets.
    These alone i believe worth my membeship.

    You make it look so easy to analyse a market Mr. Adam!

  5. Many thanks Adam - these new update sessions are very useful and interesting for me, an excellent addition the subscription service.


  6. Hi Adam,

    A good update again. These are very useful for giving a summary of the market, not to be missed.

    Do you have the VIX in the marketclub database? I have seen some good opportunities in this lately and the trade triangles on this would also help.


    1. Jason,

      Not sure we have the VIX in our current data feed. We are in the midst of making some major changes in data so stay tuned.


  7. Adam,

    The Marketclub data feed for futures is very slow, sometimes as much as 24 hours behind. This means a lot of the trade triangle signals are history by the time they occur. See, for example the red daily on 5-year notes, which was almost 500 points above the current trading price when it appeared on the chart, making a short sale very unwise at the current trade price and impossible at the trade triangle price. My refreshed Marketclub chart is still 200 points above the current price.

    The Marketclub tools are very powerful, but only on reliable data, which restricts their use for trading to stocks and ETF's.

    Is a better futures feed a possibility in the near-term?


    1. DG,

      Our futures feed is exchange delayed. I am surprised at what you say as it is the first I have heard of the problem you described.

      I will have our IT and tech support team look into it.


  8. Hi Adam,

    With all the academic studies done, showing good long term results using the 200 SMA as a barometer for equities , have you ever combined your weekly / daily triangles with making sure buy signals only occur above the 200 SMA and sell signals below ? Seems like perhaps a useful filter.

    1. William,

      I love creative ideas. Yes, I have looked at the 200 SMA as a filter but not in any real depth. We rely on our Monthly Trade Triangles which does a pretty good job of filtering our bad trades.

      Here are the rule we use:

      How "Trade Triangles" work in stocks.
      The major "Trade Triangle" to watch in trading stocks is the monthly "Trade Triangle" as this triangle determines the trend. We use the weekly "Trade Triangles" for timing purposes. Let me give you an example, if the last monthly "Trade Triangle" is green this indicates that the major trend is up for that stock. You would then use the initial monthly "Trade Triangle" as an entry point and use the weekly red "Trade Triangle" as a stop out point. You would only reenter a long position if and when a green "Trade Triangle" kicked in. You would then use a weekly red "Trade Triangle" as a stop out point. Providing that a monthly green "Trade Triangle" is in place the trend is positive for the stock. The reverse is true if a red monthly "Trade Triangle" shows that the trend is down. You would then use the weekly "Trade Triangle" for entering and exiting the market.

      All the best,


  9. Enjoy video updates, occasionally would you mention how the DX and CR effect the Stock Market.

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