S&P 500
-8.20 -0.40%
Dow Indu
-77.94 -0.44%
-24.96 -0.51%
Crude Oil
-0.28 -0.57%
+2.710 +0.23%
+0.005700 +0.53%
US Dollar
-0.340 -0.44%

My Secret Formula For Successful Gold Trading

The price of gold is now in its fourth year of a bear market. It is shocking to many gold bugs that gold, a metal revered since ancient times, could fall so dramatically from its all-time high of $1,920.56 on September 4th, of 2011. The precipitous drop of almost $800 in less than four years was more than most gold bugs could stand as stocks soared to new highs. Many threw in the towel when gold hit $1132.05 on November 7th and moved into stocks. This could prove to be a bad omen in the future. Since reaching a low on November 7th, gold has for the most part moved sideways with a slight upward bias.

You can clearly see on the chart that there is a big divergence that shows. When prices were making their lows, momentum was building for the market to bounce.

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GBP/USD Pair Rises from Eight-Month Trough Following Release of UK Data

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Chen Lin's Secret to Finding the Next Goldcorp

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Middle Eastern politics begin to affect oil prices again

For months, the big story behind plummeting oil & gas prices has been the U.S. and Canadian on-shore shale boom. The resulting supply glut has caused WTI crude to fall from about $107 on June 20th, to a low of about $45 recently. Meanwhile, Saudi … [Continue reading]

If Q1 Is An Indication Of The Future, Then Q2 Is Going To Be Very Interesting

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Gold And Silver: The Bulls Failed

Gold - Classic Chart Another profitable week for the bulls ended and so did the upward momentum. Price elevated for a decent $40 from my last post and almost touched the $1223 resistance area on Thursday, but failed below $1220 and then … [Continue reading]

Offer Expired - 20 Years, 20% Off Promotion

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Oil Might Be Down, But It's Not Out – Here's The Long Term Play

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The Secrets Of A Dead Mathematician

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Did You Know the Dow Jones Has Crushed the S&P 500 Over The Past 30 Years

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Chaos in Yemen Could Undermine Dollar

Yemen, a country south of Saudi Arabia, and with an economic output roughly the equivalent to that of say, San Antonio, Texas, is sinking deeper into chaos. Though in the grand scheme of things in the Middle East, that chaos stems from a relatively … [Continue reading]

Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting

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