S&P 500
+28.09 +1.34%
Dow Indu
+235.31 +1.31%
+60.85 +1.26%
Crude Oil
-0.23 -0.48%
+4.275 +0.32%
+0.002990 +0.27%
US Dollar
-0.214 -0.28%

GLD vs. SLV: Investors Favor Less Successful Gold

Aibek Burabayev - INO.com Contributor - Metals

Today I would like to share with you an analysis of precious metals ETFs. The goal of the study is to identify the correlation of price moves in both gold and silver with the demand for their ETF shares, represented by an appropriate precious metals holdings change. Below the chart you will read some interesting findings.

Chart 1. Gold, Silver and ETFs (Q/Q percent change): Silver Rises Without ETF Support

Gold, Silver and ETFs (Q/Q percent change): Silver Rises Without ETF Support
Chart by Aibek Burabayev, data source: spdrgoldshares.com; ishares.com

In the first quarter of the last year, we can see that investors were betting on a bottoming gold price with a 4% rise in SPDR Gold Trust (PACF:GLD) holdings despite the 1% fall in price. It’s interesting that at the same period, investors, on the contrary, cut their silver ETF holdings despite the rising silver price; it looks like they used the ‘sell silver on spike’ approach to gain on metals correlation. It’s amazing! But they were right shorting silver as it fell in three consecutive periods exceeding gold’s losing streak. [Continue reading]

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