Trading Without a Safety Net

Hi, traders, Adam Hewison here.

I am not sure if you ever saw our very first trading video ...

But people are still talking about it.

This time we have really gone out on a limb.

Some would call it crazy, some might call it flying without a safety net.

Here's what we did.

We made a new video, nothing new in that, but this one is different.

Why is it different?

See why here

3 thoughts on “Trading Without a Safety Net

  1. Isn't this a lot like gambling, no safety net might have the potential for bigger gains.. but is it worth it.

  2. Trading Without a Safety Net - I have played this video a few days ago but now when I try to review it again it seems to hang at 1:59 minutes. I am not having a problem with my system is there something going on with the video itself?


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