Two New Videos This Weekend

This weekend is special... and here's why.

We have not one, but two brand new market videos that I know you are going enjoy.

The first video is in response to the large number of request we received on our blog to make a video on the gold market.

While making this video we experience a dynamic gold signal in realtime that proves the power of MarketClub. It's something to see in person and now you can.

See it right here

You're going to get a big kick out of video number 2. This video is topical, controversial, market driven and a must see.

See it with our complements

O.K. that's about it for now.

Enjoy the weekend.

I'll see you on the web.


Adam Hewison

One thought on “Two New Videos This Weekend

  1. Hey Adam, I like the teaser for the new Gold video. I am a member of Market Club already and I don't see the video posted there free for members. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. I would appreciate a link to that video. Thanks! - Dave


    There is a "Video and Member Bonus" box right above your portfolio on the right. If you click the link "see all member videos" you will find it. Just to save you time...

    We enjoy having you in the Club!

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