My MarketClub Book Report

More Insight on
Stops & Money Management

On Friday I posted a seminar by Joe Ross on Stops. I am very curious about stops like so many other members of Marketclub and the guests that visit our blog. I was looking at the selection of trading books that we have at our office as well as searching the internet for more insights on stops and money management... here's what I found.

The Stock Bandit had a review on a book called "Pit Bull" by Marty Schwartz. Jeff White, President of Stock Bandit, listed quotes from the book... particularly noted the portion of "Pit Bull" entitled "Honor Thy Stop."

I found this quote very powerful, "... a stop is an investment in self-preservation because if you're wrong, it saves you those extra dollars that you'd lose by hanging onto a losing position. It keeps you from digging the hole deeper and makes it easier for you to climb back out."

I also ran into another piece by Mr. Joe Ross. Trading Educators had this book reviewed as a "must see." They say that Ross "emphasizes the how, why, and when of stop loss and profit protecting stop placement." In the book he also explains hedging positions, identifies his methods for identifying trends and sites ways to breakout from congestion. See all of Trading Educators book reviews.

It is also a rare known fact that MarketClub (parent company has a plethora of trading books by various gurus. We don't make a point of advertising our collection, however we do sometimes sell these books to make room for future inventory. These prices are the lowest price you are likely to find over the net... be please keep in mind we have a limited quantity.

Only $10.00 per book + Shipping and Handling

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"Starting Out In Futures Trading (5th Edition) " By - Mark J. Powers

"The Day Trader - From The Pit to The PC" By - Lewis J. Boresellino

"The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders" By- Jack D. Swchwager

"The New Options Secret: Volatility" By - David L. Caplan

"Trading 101 -
How To Trade Like A Pro" By- Sunny J. Harris