Can Ben Bernanke single handedly stop the DOW Rally?

You know, I watched and listened to Dr. Bernanke and his prepared remarks for the Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the House Financial Services Committee today.


Bernanke said that economic growth in the past year has a proceeded at a pace that is consistent with sustainable expansion after having run at an above-trend rate earlier in the current economic recovery.

The Financial Services Committee should be embarrased for wasting the tax payers money with the dumbest set of questions I have ever heard. They talk about government like they are detached from it and not responsible for anything that has happened on their beat.

I know, I know, I am ranting, but com'on guys at least do your homework so you could ask some intelligent questions.

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I would like to ask Dr.Bernanke just two question.

Here they are...

First question:
What about 75 dollars a barrel for crude oil!!!

Here is what the Fed Chief said, “If energy prices level off as currently anticipated, overall inflation should slow to a pace close to that of core inflation in coming quarters.”

Energy prices leveling off ... what quote machine is Ben Bernanke watching. I wonder if he has one (he does), are you plugged in Ben??

Second question:
What about the dollar going down the tubes.

This I found interesting, the dollar is of little concern to the good Doctor Ben, why you might ask. Well it turns out that the dollar policy comes out of the Treasury Department and not the Federal Reserve. So Ben doesn't have to worry about it.

End of story.

This is classic Washington politics, the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing. That way they can always do what they do best in Washington, and that is pass the buck. No pun intended.

Here's what I really wanted to say today. Can Ben Bernanke single handedly stop the DOW Rally? I somehow doubt it, but you might get a lot out of
this short educational video . The video shows you an easy way to measure how high the DOW should go on its current upswing.

One last thing.

Dr. Bernanke if you have time, call over to the Treasury Department and have them check out this
video on the new world currency

For sure, it's not the dollar.

The rant is over. I feel better now.


Adam Hewison

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  2. Adam, You could not have said it any clearer!!It is amazing to hear the ridiculous questions put before him, they used to be bordering with Greenspan but now they have gone off their rockers. Thanks for the rant. Happy trading! Dannyb

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